Modding Unity games?

So I recently found this game and downloaded it thinking it might be worth seeing if it’s possible to mod it by changing the art assets. However, the game is precompiled from Unity and I would have to decompile it to mod it. Is it possible to unpack the asset files to mod the game?

let me google that for you

I looked for extracting assets from Unity games, but didn’t see anything besides something that I thought was specifically designed for 7 Days to Die. I, uh, may have overthought the process behind this…

The 7 days to die tools can be used for almost any unity game. The main limiting factor is the version of unity AssetStudio is what I use for editing assets. Code wise, unity is one of the easier langues to mod as the game code and addons are c# scripts which can be opened and edited by any c# extractor (dnspy).

I did manage to use AS to get a look at the game’s image files now that my smoothbrain moment is over. It’s just, uh, there are probably thousands of character images in the game. I think I’d need to either treat this like a full time job to get a proper mod out there, or I’d need a full team of people working round the clock. Still, maybe one day I can use AS to mod something. Something with fewer assets…

Yeah, that is because unity packages up animations into versions that take up the least space, usally also retaining the originals too. Also unity animation for 2d can be a huge pain. Still you are right in that even the smaller looking games have a ton of assets in them.

Wait, does that mean the sprites are broken up into faces/bodies/outfits or something, but Unity compiles them into full images, so if one would rewrite the code and add new sprite components, you could just make, for example, a sprite for a pregnant belly and then make the game automatically assemble every sprite to make the girls pregnant or something?

Unity has no concept of faces bodies etc. In unity everything is 3d. The efficiency comes from unity applying as many images as possible on one texture sheet while putting the polygons so you only see one. The less empty spaces there is then smaller the file.