Modern College Weight Gain Visual Novel

I’ve been a lurker here for a while and a couple days ago decided to try my hand at making a renpy visual novel. Not really sure what the direction I want to take this project is right now, but here is my current plan and some random placeholder images I drew today. I hope I’m doing this right…

5 girls weight gaining competition

Daily Cycles with 8am-1am time to do things around town


  • Home
    • Sleep
    • Eat
    • Cook
    • Mirror
  • Each other girl’s home
    • Stuffing
    • Talk
    • Inspect
  • Fast Food
    • Buy fast food
    • Work
  • Bakery
    • Buy sweets
    • Work
  • Bar
    • Drink
    • Work
  • Fancy Restaurant
    • Work
    • Date
  • All you can eat restaurant
    • Eat
  • Eating competition hall
    • Eating competition
  • Grocery store
    • Buy ingredients
  • Diner
    • Meetings and updates

Main gameplay:

  • eating contest against other girls loser has to pay
  • Stuffing yourself
  • Stuffing other girls
  • Different minigames working at different places
    • Fast Food(easy minigame, some free high cal food, low pay)
    • Fancy Restaurant(high pay)
    • Bar(mid pay allows for fast capacity growth)
    • Bakery(mid pay gives lots of free food)


  • Calories Consumed
  • Capacity
  • Mobility
  • Amicability
  • Cooking
  • Money

Play as one of the girls

5 Meetings at each stage of weight

5 Endings with each girl winning

5 stages of weight

5 stages of fullness


Looks awesome! Your plan seems well thought out

Looking good. I will wait and see what can happen in the future. I really like the premise.

I really hope this becomes a game

Great interest