Moding/editing existing flash games?

I’m thinking of making a mod for a specific Flash game on FA but I don’t know how to check the script.
I’m new to code writing but I just wanted to learn a bit and check out how its done.
Any tutorials or tips on that? and should give you the basics of getting into the code of an .sfw, though you should disable javascript on the second site.

As for in general, should give you an overview of what you need.

For everything else, google it. That really is the best advice I can give you on that matter. I did just that after all. Have fun.

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A little off topic, but:

If you’re new to coding, I would not recomend starting with working with compiled games. Reverse engineering is not straightforward.

You should probably consider learning to write simple games yourself, which would be a better starting point. Just grab a tutorial on “how to create a … game” and you’re ready to go.

Nevertheless, if you still want to learn by modding a flash game, than I cross my firger.


No worries, I’m fairly new to coding, but not completely new. I know how to make some simple stuff, I’m just not fluent enough to do cooler stuff