MODOK123.1 - Introduction

I am Modok (Dylan); I have long been a man interested in the gaining of a woman, and larger women in general.

I have many interests when it comes to this particular fetish community, and what lead me here was the searching for a weight gain game.

After perusing for quite some time but never finding any game that satiated my palette, I decided to create my own Interactive Fiction Novel (as of now 6/3/20 it is still a WIP) and created an account here to share my idea and to my liking this community is very supportive!

I prefer the realistic take on weight gain; a slower progression where one can truly admire the body growing and the new obstacles that come with it, hence the making of my IF.

I am a married man to my BBWife, Melissa, and I have lived the feeder life for a time. We stopped because we want children.

I am glad to be a part of a community that shows support, love, and admiration and acceptance for this type of fetish.


Oh my God, a new project that isn’t a RPG, thank you sir.


Welcome to the group and I hope to play your game.

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Well said. Good to have a new member on the site. I look forward to checking out the game, and of course, wish you the best in your pursuits (here, elsewhere, and in real life)!

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I don’t like RPG’s either. The only ones I played and liked was the LOTR one for the Xbox, and the KOTOR 1 and 2 for Xbox. Those games were kick-ass!

Anyway, everyone has their own taste and ideas; mine happens to be more story-driven than game-driven like Gaining Perspective or A Piece of Cake. I like IF’s and the world they can bring forth to a player. Stay tuned on my post titled “Love is the Way to My Heart (an IF using Twine 2.0)” for all the updates to my project.

I appreciate your words! I have noticed that you have been following my project’s progression since the beginning and I appreciate that as well!

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Sure thing! Didn’t realize who you were when I first commented, then kinda facepalmed when it hit me. Always happy to offer support where it’s of use!

Welcome, happy to have you here with us in this community! And best of luck on your IF!