Momulator - 3D Dating / Expansion Kink Sim with Extremely Shaped Anthro Ladies!

Momulator is a 3D / VR kink themed dating simulator i’m working on. the goal of the game will be to develop a mutual interest in expansion kink play with a character of your choice. Currently the game is more of a tech demo showing off some of the expansion mechanics as i develop them. the only character so far is Cannoli. A tall, curvy, and strong lioness. The focus of the game was originally pregnancy, but i decided to expand the game into other kink interests. There is currently pregnancy, berry inflation, dick growth, and inflation at least partially implemented. I plan on having a comprehensive system for tuning content preferences.

Please let me know what you think, and feel free to contribute ideas or generally let me know what you think!


Been lookin’ forward to this since the title change! :o Hope it goes smooth!


Can’t do the Patreon, but I chipped in $10 at Itch. Thank you for not abandoning this.

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I am so fuckinf stoked for this to become a full game someday

Is promising, but certainly doesn’t run very well at this point in time. I mean by that that hitting Escape and getting the menu up does nothing but put the buttons up and they’re not interactable… and hitting escape again just “stamps” more menu buttons. And this happens with every press.

Rubbing does nothing. Grabbing onto her either does nothing or causes you to bounce around the room uncontrollably and possibly clip through the walls. There are countless lighting errors for some reason.

SOmetimes grabbing items causes other items that were near the grabbed item to fly about everywhere.

Just a few of the strange interactions I’ve found. Very promising, though.

So happy to see you still kicking around! Just gave the demo a shot and it feels absolutely phenomenal! The feel of the game has progressed immensely from the last update, and it’s really fun to experiment with all the fun kinky magic gear! Obviously there are a ton of bugs, but that’s a given for how much progress you’ve made working on the code and systems.

Amazing job!!! I’m super excited for what comes next, keep on cooking!

thank you! apologies for the bugs. I wanted to get a version out for people to try since it’s been so long. i’ve been rewriting systems for a while trying to get it all perfect. this has left a lot of things in need of reimplementation


One dissapointing thing at the moment is that I can’t connect any of the pipes together in desktop mode. Of course I don’t know if they are working as intended at the moment anyway, but I was looking forward to making a Nacho cheese sprinkler.

Edit: Actually it does seem to work to a cerain degree, it’s just a little picky about what can connect to what. But I don’t think the Nacho cheese sprinkler is possible at the moment because the suction cups don’t seem to work.

i think the squirt gun loader has a degree of artificial suction to them to make its easier to load. one thing i should do is make it possible to set the contents of those big tanks

also yes, the pipe connections are a little picky right now. i’ll be looking into an improvement on this

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Will definitely be messing with the Desktop mode later but I wanted to pop in and say VR Mode seems to be broken(?) sadly. There’s a huge black bar I couldn’t get rid of, maybe an issue from Quest 2 linking?

if you open the phone and activate the settings app, it will remove that. i’m planning on addressing the issue for next patch

orange syringe doesn’t seem to work

Some of the syringes do nothing because you need to enable some content settings on the phone first.


downloaded it aaaand getting the usual “you have wrong OS” message

shit, i fucking hate this computer

thanks, i’ll be sure to read next time

I’m having the same problem- except my Quest 2 is using Virtual Desktop to link wirelessly. I had no clue if it was just maybe that instead of using the wire. Good to see it’s not just me.

SO!!! there’s a button to control Cannoli, is it possible, to um, change the perspective to first person?

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As far as I’ve played around with it, I haven’t been able to do much else other than activate noclip with “V” while in Cannoli view which makes her control weird and can make her fall through the floor of the map if you don’t disable it before switching back to normal view.