Monster Hunter Rise Fat Mods; Are there any out there?

I remember seeing a few fat mods for World and assumed that Rise would have some too, especially seeing as there have been quite a few fat mods for other RE Engine games. However, when I checked, there seemed to be nothing, not for outright fat bodies anyways. Am I not looking hard enough for them or do they really not exist for this game?

Well, most fat mods for World was made by me and @rabuhandoru.
I personally just don’t play in Monster Hunter Rise, because I don’t like how developers downgraded graphic there if we compare with Monster Hunter World. Not sure about why Rabuhandoru didn’t make mods on Rise. Maybe he don’t play in it too.


There have always been two teams that work on the monster hunter games. The “console” main team and the “handheld” portable team. They develop games differently from each other. World was a first for the series and capcom trying to appeal to people outside of there franchise and a larger audience in general.

Thus some things like graphics and to target consoles/pc that were on the higher end of things, among other things. Which I would say a lot of monster hunter fans don’t care that much about, as the story and graphics are never the focus of the games. However, gen five did bring in a lot of new fans so, I can understand how some people aren’t familiar with how the devs do things.

EDIT: *And if I wasn’t clear world was developed by the main team, and rise by the portable.


Ah I see, so it’s a thing regarding the lower graphical fidelity then? That’s a shame, but I can understand why that might have turned some people away. As a long time MH fan myself, Rise is probably my favourite game in the series in regards to gameplay and movement, so it would have been nice to be able to play this with some extra weight to my hunter as well. Thanks anyways, appreciate the responses!

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I am pissed when developers make a good looking game on PC and after that make another game as downgrade to previous one just because they wanted to make it work on consoles. This is just my personal dislike.


I get that and that’s totally valid. I think for a lot of people who see a sequel come out and it looks worse then the previous title might immediately be turned off by it. I know I would depending on the situation. But monster hunter is kind of in a different place, at least for their core fan base. The game has either had visual downgrades or just straight ports of versions across different platforms and visuals were never a huge push by the developers. The gameplay, combat, functional systems in game have always been a priority over world building or graphics.

Similar to dark souls while I don’t think fans would dislike better graphics, higher fidelity models and textures. The focus of the series has largely been on the fluid tough but fair combat, boss design, music, and the world building.

The graphics have not been bad but they will never be at the level of what Bluepoint Games did for the demon souls remake. And the core fanbase would not want the games to take longer to develop just to hit a higher level of graphics that they generally don’t value as much as the rest of what a soulsborne game bring. (And to be fair elden ring, sekiro, bloodborne, DS3 look good.)

So apparently there IS a fat mod for Rise made by @rabuhandoru, however there are no images as to what the models look like, and it’s just a test version of the mod.

Here’s a link to the tweet with the mega download:

Also I am really jealous of you liking Rise, I can barely get into it

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The graphics isn’t only part of downgrade of Rise compared to World. The scale and elaboration of hunting maps in Rise is simply disgusting compared to World. When I first started playing World, I did not hunt monsters, but with an open mouth I studied these huge elaborate Maps, enjoying their beauty. And yes, it was the first game in Monster Hunter series in which I played, because all other they didn’t release on PC. Now, after my stunning and fascinating experience, they tried to shove me into some kind of limited space with shitty graphics and cropped locations hoping that I will be content with a new means of maneuvering in the air? This may only work with fans who have played in many Monster Hunter games in the series before, but not with me who only played in World. Better monsters fight gameplay? I don’t care if it is true. When you make new game EVERYTHING should be better, not only those aspects which developers wanted to improve. Actually, from gameplay videos combat don’t look for me like it has improvements. Only a new method of moving in the air which make things easier in some ways and add a few more methods of attack.

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I have to say as a long time fan of the series, I agree with @Krodmandoon.

Its easy to look at Rise as a newcomer to the series compared to World, but I really must stress that World was very much an exception in almost every regard. Rise is much more in line with the rest of the series.

But that’s fine. If you enjoyed World, Capcom is almost definitely going to release a future installment more in line with what World provided. Alongside that will probably be something more akin to Rise, just based on how they’ve operated in the past.

I would suggest giving Rise a shot. The combat (at least in my opinion) is leagues more engaging and challenging than World, which I found to be lacking (insofar as a single player experience goes, a party of 2 felt pretty good with the difficult scaling). And while World’s maps were fun to explore, at the end of the day, I just want to fight some monsters, so I don’t really mind the simplified maps.

It all comes down to what you want out of the series, and thankfully this is one of those situations where Capcom is most likely going to be happy to oblige both fan bases.

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That’s cool. I hear ya. I knew about monster hunter since I was a kid, but with how they released outside of Japan during the PlayStation and DS era I never actually got to play any of them. And world was my first experience into the franchise as well. World had such an impact on me that I went back and played the other gens. And while you feel the way you do about rise, myself or others don’t.

The games being made by two teams really allow for this kind of experimentation for the franchise and it helps keep it fresh yet familiar. And with the games being made by two teams over years they are often, at least for a time being developed at the same time. Rise was being made for the switch it’s not a secret it’s the target platform. Just like world was targeting next gen (at the time) consoles and pc. Rise is going to be limited by the switches capabilities or put into a situation where it barely runs at all while pushing the console to its limits. Hence the downgrade in visuals (although to be fair I doubt mimicking world was ever the design choice consideration. As like I said at least to an extent they are being designed side by side for some number of years even if one starts before the other)

As far as Rises mechanics the main draw of it the wire bug system completely changes the game in my opinion and how some weapons play. The maneuverability and play styles changed just from the inclusion. I have often been a GS main or LBG/HBG main and just the maneuvering alone with slower locked in place weapons on release was fantastic.

At the end of the day you got to play what you enjoy. If the gameplay and combat were things you enjoyed in world then you for sure should try rise. As it’s better in those aspects then world in my opinion. The world and maps are limited like most of the other games outside of world but man is it crazy different traversing the world with wire bugs compared to other games.