Monsters or Princesses? New WG Game Idea

Hello All!

Long time lurker, and hopeful soon-to-be creator here with a question.

So I plan on making anew rpg maker game built to my own personal tastes. Namely, a feeder fantasy style game with a collection of monstergirls to fatten and romance (goblin, orc, centaur, dragon, etc). But then and Idea formed in my brain, a possibly terrible one, and I wanted to see if anyone else would even be remotely interested. Namely…disney. A similar style game but with women from disney films (all over 18 of course) as the feedable harem. At first this was just kind of an ADHD thought that would quickly fade, but it stuck with me.

I imagined the player in a sort of Fairy God Mother-esque role, popping into these different worlds and timelines and providing these heroines with happy endings, that involve romance and wg of course. I also felt it would be easier to write as based of well known stories, and potential for jokes/jabs at Disney. So I put it to you all, does this sound like an idea you would actually like to see?

tl;dr: Princesses or Monstergirls? Who should get fat?


some games I played was princesses and some I didn’t know about or haven’t given it chance but truth is: I liked monster girls than princesses so I go with monster girls.

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Why not both? One then the other. If I had to pick one to do first, It’d be the princess one.


Monstergirls, No doubt about it

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Monstergirl princesses, obviously.



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I would prefer monstergirls, But why not both?

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The better question here
Por que no los dos?

I have always thought of this sort of harem-esque game and I never acted on it because I was honestly to lazy. But is is super awesome to see a person do the thing I myself was to lazy to do. Lol


Why not monstergirl princess? The player could be some kind of human knight that ends up as a mercenary in monster lands and works for lots of different monster princesses, fattening them along the way. It could still be Disney pastiches too. Like Ariel is still a mermaid but more monstrous, Jasmine could be both princess and Djinn, etc etc.

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The correct answer is ‘both.’

Towergirls existed for a reason.

I’d say monstergirls. Steer away from Disney’s long and litigious arm.

I greatly prefer original monster girls, just my personal opinion. Even if you don’t go above and beyond with each and every one, a fun orc girl that I haven’t seen elsewhere is just more fun, you know? Anyone could rip off the rat.

Unless you want to make something that’s totally a parody or satire of Disney, then I can see why the latter might be a good idea… But if your first instinct was to go with your passion, I’d say stick with it. You might get more fanart that way, too…

Thanks everyone who responded! Honestly, did not expect this many so soon. This has definitely given me the input I was looking for. I think I have a direction and some half baked ideas that I will not describe now as I don’t know how much I will keep.

I can say I will be definitely going in the “monster girls”/“both” direction though. Thanks all!


Monsters, definetly monsters. Too much of a leaning on copyrighted material can steer me away at times, so no disney reference princess for me.

Monster Girls for sure

I prefer original characters overall, but for monster girls, it all depends on how humanoid they are.