More notes about Ren'Py

I’ve written Some notes about RenPy before, and posted a few snippets of code here and other places. It’s all kind of scattered though, so I decided to start pulling it all together in one place:

Developing with Ren’Py

It’s going to be an on-going effort - initially to capture all the snippets (and a whole bunch of bookmarks and links), but later to offer something more complete in the hope it will be useful to someone down the line. Also to get all this stuff out of my head.

Thoughts? Is this useful? Let me know…


I’ve added some more sections and example code:

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My game is currently full of janky badly implemented finite state machines (because I’d never heard of them before.)

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Unfortunately it’s one of those ideas you aren’t likely to figure out on your own unless you’ve a background in hardware design, or had some kind of programming training. I’ve built them from gates, used tools to compile them into silicon, even made one using pneumatic valves and cylinders, as well as coded many. I’ve got another base class coming soon that adds a timer (like the ones being built into the next version of Tramp), and examples for detecting a sequence of events and ideas for character arcs. Couple a few together and it’s easy to get complex behaviour out of simple code (like Alicia and Steve).

Added a section on randomness, and a FSM base class with a timer: FsmTimer with an example use for detection.