moth's lunch

this is the maybe game moth lagzagna the game name is not finale.

oddy boxy 1_1 boss 1

q boss 2

lazzagna sqwid beta Boss3

the story is not finale.
you are on your lunch break and are going the to papas ren’s pizza for lasagna


What would the game be about? I’m curious •ω•

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some thing weird like a quest for lunch

I like the base idea and im willing to lend a hand if you would like any help? :slight_smile:

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i guess with writing or art?

the game would have to be short

yeah along those lines if you need any help? feel free to reach out on the discord :slight_smile:

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i would be funny if there was something like chowder moving clothes

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That would be very fun! Reminds me that I still need to try doing that in my game :3c

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how do you draw fingers

moth z

does this look bad and do you have Italian girl names

moth lazagna the game is no longer a rpg maker game. it is being made in godot now

how do you use godot

how do you fix this

link is invalid, can you post a new one?

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i can try to do in game maker