Multi-Kink Puzzle-platformer Thing (Looking for an artist)

(Also, I’m looking for a volunteer artist to help out on the art side of things, I’m good at programming but nowhere near good at art. Shoot me a DM if you’re interested.) Hello! I’m back with a semi-project. I’ve had the idea for a while, and even made a demo forever ago, but my program crashed and I lost all of my progress. But, now I’m working on it again.

Basically, it’s a multi-kink puzzle-platformer type game. The current kinks are basic weight gain, inflation (of many types), and stuffing (which, if you think about it, is just food inflation).

Explanation of how every kink works in the game, and just mechanics in general

For air inflation, you’ll be able to get an air pump item and pump yourself full of air anytime (in certain areas). You become lighter, and become faster, plus you can jump higher. You also make less noise, as a side effect of being lighter. Obviously, it comes at a cost of taking up more room.

Water inflation is slightly different. You can only inflate where there’s water, like somewhere with a water fountain, water cooler, pond, etc. Some water sources are limited, and if you run out of water, you’ll have to restart that part. It has the opposite effect of air inflation, you become heavier and slower, the heaviest and slowest of all of these. You make a lot of noise from both being heavier and the sloshing around of the water in your stomach. It also comes at a cost of taking up room, but not as much as air, since water isn’t completely hard.

Stuffing. Similar to water inflation in a way. You have to find food and that food usually is limited, so if you end up eating all of it, you’ll have to restart that part. You make the most noise when stuffed, due to you being heavier, plus your stomach growling. It takes up about as much space as water inflation. It does have one special property, and when waiting (or using specific digestion items), you will end up gaining weight.

Fat/weight gain. The main thing this site’s all about. Most of the time, to gain weight, you’ll have to go through stuffing first, but there are certain things that make you gain weight instantly. You’re obviously heavier and slower, but not as much as when stuffed or inflated with water. This is the hardest to lose, as for everything else you just have to wait, but here you have to move around (or just use an item, of course). You take up room, as the others, but as fat is softer (and doesn’t turn you into just an orb), you don’t take up as much. One last thing about fat, is that in water, as you get fatter, you’ll be able to float/go up easier, while diving deeper will be harder. Eventually, as certain weights, you’ll completely float and have no way of diving deeper (besides maybe jumping in the water from higher heights.)

A very, very early prototype. Multi-Kink Puzzle-platformer by paranoidProgrammer


Holy hell man this sounds great, best of luck!


Added a playable very, very early prototype. It currently sort of showcases the air and water inflation mechanics (Minus visuals. Everything seen here is a placeholder), which each have three stages. Page up and page down keys to make the air inflation level go up or down (working on the waiting part) and just go to the water cooler and press e to make the water inflation level go up by one (no way to make the water inflation level go down besides reloading.)

Currently, the stuffed and weight gain mechanics are not in the prototype. I’m still working on them.


I guess it depends on the type of art you’re looking for
Shoot me a DM on discord if you’re on there and i’ll see if we can figure something out.

Don’t have Discord, can I message you on here?

oh, oops.
Sure thing.