music talk >:3

hi howre you guys? im curious about about you guys and gals’ music taste! (✿◠‿◠) i brought it up in my introduction (i think) i love metal a lot ! but i also like alt rock and breakcore :3 hbu?


Metal, jazz (mostly of the swing and vaudeville variety) and heavier rock.

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hehe thats pretty swag. i dont listen to a lot of jazz unless you count the cowboy bebop soundtrack. i listen to a lot of nirvana, nine inch nails, deftones, and the pixies, if you consider any of those heavy rock which i do for some reason !

anything loud and noisy! everything from metal to electronic hardcore (shoutouts 2 machinegirl!!!) and, again, noise… also some cloud rap and other difficult to categorize stuff. :3c

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I like a good classical song where violins and trumpets are common yet can be beautiful and menacing…

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Live orchestra or pre-90’s rock for me.

omg ! i dunno if youre big into soundtracks buuut the bloodborne, dark souls, and vampyr sound tracks are all kinda like dat! i dunno about trumpets but there are a lot of violins

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i listen to a lot of bowie but besides that i cant really think of any pre 90’s rock

BREAKCORE!!! WHOO!!! >:3 i usually listen to stuff like sewersvlt, goreshit, or igorr but theres some others i cant remember off da top of my head

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I like to try a variety of things, but my mainstays are:

–Lyrics-driven Rock (The Mountain Goats, Leonard Cohen, Anjimile)
–Hip-hop (Outkast, MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt)
–Metal (Opeth, Dawnbringer, early Cynic)
–Weird Electronic (Fever Ray, SOPHIE, Gazelle Twin)

And been getting into Kaidi Tatham and Little Simz a lot lately

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i have heard of none of those bands/artists but im interested now !
thank you :3

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I always listen to Pink Floyd when I really want to be hit in dem feels musically or if I want and erection from their amazing musical control and feel. “Echoes” is always a go-to for me.

It’s easyer to share my playlist than to give the clear answer.
the only thing I can say for sure that I like eurobeat and electro-swing. There’re a lot of other musics I like, but I do not know how to identify them.

What kind of music am I into? Hmmm, good question…