Mutants and Masterminds Server?

Hey, so I have just recently learned of Mutants and Masterminds from a (what I view as, but could possibly not be) dying RP server known as Impact City. While I love the system and am trying to learn this, I do have a idea that if the game is adapted enough to allow for many players at once, we could have a Living World server for Mutants and Masterminds that could actually be successful. What do you all think?

What edition? I’ve never played MM but I’m down for any text based ttrpgs as long as they don’t start with D or G.

3rd Edition. That’s the version I am talking about.

A few years back I put together some weight gain rules for Mutants and Masterminds that worked pretty well in the games I ran. They were for 2nd Edition, but if you can adapt them you’re welcome to them.

Weight Gain Rules

Self Calculating Character Sheet

Eh I don’t think the powers and weight should be connected. It limits what you can do. But perhaps if there was a mod where weight gain inducing effects and other things were powers, could that work?

You said you made those rules right? Perhaps we can work together, make a new ruleset for weight, as well as Powers based on weight rather than requiring weight?

I’d be willing to help out, but I’ve never touched 3rd Edition.

And you could probably ignore the “powers cause weight gain” section and just use the rules for eating/weight limits and feats/extras. The feats and extras would allow you to tweak existing powers into a weight theme without relying on the power gain mechanic.

Don’t worry. Getting into 3rd Edition should be easier I believe. But regardless adapting WG into this game could provide for a fun WG living world where anyone can have any form they want while gaining.

Well I made a preliminary Discord for this for those interested in the creativity and fats of Mutants and Masterminds. Discord

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Hey i wouldn’t mind doing this but the link is invalid right now…

Here, have a link to the server. To be clear though, this game will most likely not be like the Impact City RP, as I want to strive to be different from it. Discord