MV or VX Ace?

I have both and heard MV is better, but I also wanted to ask about the pros and cons of each so I know which one to pick.

RPG Maker MV:

  1. Use Javascript programming language.
  2. No limits for window resolution and good perfomance overall.
  3. Tiles are 48×48 pixels in size.
  4. Better layered map editor and better character generator.


  1. Use Ruby programming language.
  2. Common max resolution window is 640x480. Bad perfomance when you use tricks to increase resolution more. Bad perfomance overall.
  3. Tiles are 32×32 pixels in size.
  4. Worse layered map editor and worse character generator.

P.S. All information copied from forum. I personally have never used VX ACE, only MV and MZ.

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I don’t know anything about VX Ace, but MV has the most community support (tutorials, community assets, people to help you, etc).

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Pretty interesting, I can kinda see why most finished VX Ace games are meme ones

I honestly wonder why that is though?

There is no reason to support old outdated VX Ace when there is new MV and MZ which is overall better.

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Personally, I think combat flows alot better in VXAce, and there are alot more plugins that i prefer available. Most MV plugins usually cost money, and the combat feels alot more sluggish and unresponsive to me. Although, as I like to draw my assets, MV is a must whenever I do something for the jam.

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To be honest, earlier programs aren’t bad, either. 2003 allows for giant, fully animators if you put some thought into it.

Any and all. Whatever you can afford. Main reason to pick MV over VXA is the higher resolution (48px tiles vs 32px tiles) and some new event commands & battle features.

Get MZ if you can, but you can make a great product if you can only pick up VXA.