My Apology For Going Mia So I'm Back

Some of you might remember me for working on a lot of games and working on wg horror games with the artist dark master n well I’m sorry for not communicating for a long time almost all of my electronics wanted to go out and never turn on again so I figured I had no choice but to rebuy every electronic I owned and yes that includes my phone and now I am finally back and ready for my projects but hey if you don’t remember me than you are in for a hell of a treat also I lost a lot of data including accounts so now I’ll be creating a brand new weight gaming account a brand new deviantart patreon and discord so I hope you’re glad to see me back if you do remember me


Could you maybe link to one of your old threads from your old account for reference?

um I’ll try but I can’t make any promises

Here’s the link to my old account

here’s my new discord please do join it