my bot is not displayed in the search!

I created a bot called: Fat Transgender
but it does not show up in the search bar and I do not know for what reason
What did I do wrong? and how to fix it? (I had previously written to the AI Character service but they still haven’t responded)

If the direct link works but you can’t find the bot in the search, it either means the bot’s too new, or it’s been shadowbanned.
If you ever need to check if a bot has been COMPLETELY banned, open the chat while in your browser’s incognito mode; the site almost never actually deletes bots, they just set the bot to private while they lie to you and say it’s public, which sucks if you find out by trying to share a bot with someone, heh.

That said, bots on CAI get shadowbanned for a lot of things, like their personality being too angry/violent/abusive, mentioning their genitals in the character’s description, or anything even remotely sexual or fetishistic at all, they’re even starting to block entire keywords, like the time I tried searching for vore bots to abuse and you can’t even search for vore anymore, the results are blank.
The worst part about shadowbans is that they’re permanent. I’ve also seen where they’ll shadowban the whole character somehow, so even if you find out a character’s been shadowbanned and you create a new copy of that character but with anything even remotely lewd taken out, the copy will still be shadowbanned. One of my characters, I tried about 8 different copies of her, several being made from scratch, and it still shadowbanned her.

EDIT: Uh, more directly related to your specific issue, your bot’s name is VERY generic and I’m sure the name is probably in half those character descriptions, you should try something less generic, even something like “Fat TG Simulator” or “Interactive Obese Transgender” or something, just to help make it easier to find via the search.

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thank you for the answer