My commissions list (updated as they come)

Hey everyone! I assure you, work on Life of Kriss: Day Two is underway, but in the meantime, I’d like to share two short interactive that were commissioned from me.

The first is a fairly simple interactive involving a woman named Marla that gained several pounds over the past few months, and involves going through a fairly average day for her:

The second is much more… Dynamic, I guess. It’s essentially a “make various parts of a girl grow through magic” type thing, and is much more description based than story based:

This third one involves a NEET woman:

Just figured I’d share them, since there’s no reason I shouldn’t- the original commissioner said they were fine with me sharing them to the world.

a side note/ self-plug, I’m currently working on a write-up for commission prices involving interactive stories and regular ones- if you’re interested on prices, just message me on here, I’d like to think I’m pretty reasonable about prices v. length of the interactive. But in the mean time, enjoy the two freebies I’m giving you here!

Alright, Ive got a few commissions to bang out before I can take more.

The first one’s pretty good! I haven’t had time to check out the second one yet.

I really enjoyed both of these! The second one was as promised heavy on description, but I enjoyed that you could go through and inflate different body parts in different orders.

I love both of them, but the second one was awesome the descriptions were great I really loved it. You have talent ;D

Here’s one I just wrapped up recently, involving a lazy, NEET (Non in Education, Employment, or Training- basically a lazy sack of shit)

The last one was pretty good, simple and enjoyable even though the girl was’t even my type.
You managed to make your quest games as good as your dA stories, I specially liked the plot, how her mother prefers to finally hide her disgrace of a daughter in her room.