My fat/vorefur game review series, Playing by the Pound, has been underway~

I figured I’d mention I’m doing this! Here’s the ever-growing (ever-fattening?) playlist.

Playing by the Pound is where I play fatfur and vorefur games, as well as potentially fat/vore mods for games! I made a post here before how I wanted to start this series, and well, I’ve made some progress since then~ Nobody’s really done videos on a lot of these games and mods, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to change that!

More videos will come! I still have a fair-sized library to go through~


Nice to see somebody is making playthroughs of these games. I’m going to enjoy examining your play style

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Thanks man! I’m hopefully-competant, haha~

I personally wouldn’t watch this but i support it. We all gotta start somewhere.

I’ve been doing a lot more. Up to 37 videos on the playlist, and I still got more to come!