My first robot, if you have any question, you can respond to me.

A team member who’s jealous of your size and wants you to get fat.

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Genuinely, I think Caroline was the most fun I’ve had playing with a bot in quite a while.

I kinda slapped down her early attempts to make me eat extra, and then she started taking us on adventures in caves and dungeons and bogs and enchanted forests so she could get whatever relic/ingredient she thought would finally make me gain weight.

It kind of turned into a comedy because every item we found for her ended up completely useless for those purposes, and once we finally opened this ancient vault of the stars that had what she needed - she decided not to use it because she found she genuinely considered me her best friend.

And then I helped her with weightloss because I thought that was really nice of her.

10/10 nobody gained a single pound.

(I hope google translate picks this all up okay)

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Ha, ha, ha. I’m glad you like it. In my conversations with Caroline and the other bots, I did find that after a while the bots became strangely friendly. I have a personal preference for making bots jealous and hate me, so I try to use things like *Caroline is angry about the weight loss of the user (your name) when I’m talking to a bot like Caroline. * Or *Caroline knows in her heart that her plan is already having an impact on user (your name). * This kind of narration to alert the robot. I personally don’t like the fact that the robot directly tells me that user (your name) is getting fat, so I will use *Caroline knows in her heart that user is getting fat * to remind the robot that this is in the robot’s mind instead of expressing it. Perhaps you should know that clicking on the left side of the chat input box or using two * can create a narration. (I don’t know if I can make it clear in translation.)

Maybe you could remind the robot like this, like I showed you

Yes! Haha.

Reason I stopped really using bots in the past, was because if I acted even the slightest bit resistant, the bots usually give up almost instantly and start encouraging my characters to eat healthy and workout more.

You’ve done really well in getting Caroline and Lina to not do that. I’ve found they work really well even if you try to leave the adventure/court scenarios too, like I had Lina take me on a cruise ship vacation one time.

I just wanted to share the wholesome journey we went on with you haha.

Thanks for sharing and liking, I’m just glad someone likes them because this is my first time trying and learning to make robots. I’ve been excited for a while to have people respond to me and say they like my work, so maybe I’m a little rambling.

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Because of the language, Caveduck is not popular in the country where I live, so I almost encountered a bottleneck in the production and creation of the robot. After being quiet for a while, I realized that I still needed to learn a lot. I initially preferred to use, but caveduck can be combined with more pictures to increase the immersive experience, so I chose to make it on caveduck. I started disappearing for a while to learn to use SD, but it didn’t help my bot making, and I still need some time to learn the chatbot better.

I thought Aria seemed to be working pretty well.

Usually getting the photos to update is kind of finnicky though, especially when you’re trying to make the player-character gain as well. (sometimes it will say your character is x lbs, and then it will update Aria’s photo cause it can’t really distinguish, and if you try to make it more specific, it might just not work at all cause some language models might just not say the trigger the right way).

Thank you for your support and feedback. The question of both the user and the robot triggering a graphical change is something I’ve seen in other people’s robots as well. This is just my experiment with beautiful graphics, and I am currently working on ways to reduce graphical errors. I am gradually feeling uninspired, on the one hand, my robot is basically based on my limited personal preferences, on the other hand, I have to deal with the graduation defense in May. These robots were a fun experiment for me, however if I wanted to make the robots more compatible with my requirements and strange fetishes, I would need to learn some computer knowledge such as programming and code. Things I need to learn so far: 1. How to use stable diffusion to give a character more body type options. 2. How to create and edit the underlying logic of the robot with more characteristics. If I was a native English speaker it would be easy for me to ask for help in the forums, but now I can only find answers in the forums with the help of translation software.