My first Twine game

Hi, this is my first time making a game using Twine. It’s a work in progress at the moment but I’m going to add a lot in the upcoming updates.

It is a Willy Wonka-esc game with a lot (hopefully) of weight gain and inflation scenes. The main character is going to be male but for the most part, I’m going to try and make them gender-neutral. There are 5 characters who will inflate/gain weight, including the main character (2 male and 2 female + main).

Feel free to let me know what you think of it, hope you enjoy!

Version.1 File on MEGA
(Out of date)

Version.2 File on MEGA
Has the new cherry tree end (Out of date)

Vesion.3 File on MEGA
Has the chocolate river ends (Out of date)

Version.4 336.6 KB file on MEGA
I have completed all river and tree combination endings for all options but 1 (Chocolate + vine) (Out of date)

Version.5 338.8 KB file on MEGA
Finished the River, Tree and Vineyard endings only the Bog left and then I can move onto the next room! (Out of date)

Version.6 351.9 KB file on MEGA
All options up to and including the chocolate room complete! (Out of date)

Version.7 360.9 KB file on MEGA
New room and two new gobstopper endings! (Out of date)

Version.8 368.4 KB file on MEGA
Added the conveyor belt and more combination endings. Just a few more to go for this room. (Out of date)

Version.9 377.5 KB file on MEGA
All inventing room endings are done! (Out of date)

Version.10 381.5 KB file on MEGA
Added fizzy drink room and nut room. (Out of date)

Version.11 388.1 KB file on MEGA
Finished nut room. (Out of date)

Version.12 393.2 KB file on MEGA
Finished TV room. (Out of date)

Version.13 393.9 KB file on MEGA
Final game!

I have added a .HTML to the file so you shouldn’t need to.


Was it exported correctly? When I downloaded the file and tried to open it in my browser, it only showed plaintext of the code instead of the interactive HTML

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If you add a .HTML to the file it works then. Don’t know how else to do it.

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One thing I noticed is that if you select the marshmallows or just the calendar in the beginning, when you press “Enter” for the first room, it leads to a unfinished path, but when you choose the fruit, you get to go into the chocolate room with the chocolate river/cherry tree decision.

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I’m just about to add the next update which allows for you to complete the cherry tree ending no matter what option you pick (Marshmallows, Fruit or calendar). That should solve it!

Added a new update. That’s 3ish endings done now!

Added a new update! This one adds the Vineyard.

Now we can move on to what ever else is in store!!!

If I feed Jake I get an option to move on, but it just leads to an entry that says to double click to edit, is that intentional? Other than that? I love the mixing and matching going on, and the struggle writing is pretty great, keep it up!

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Thanks for your kind words they really mean a lot! The double click passage is just stuff I haven’t written yet. I’ll most likely be updating it tomorrow with the new section and new endings!

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Just a small thing I noticed. The cherry tree and the cranberry bog links take you to the other locations. Or to put it simply, if you click cherry tree you end up at the cranberries and vice versa.

Edit: This only seemed to occur when I skipped straight to going to the factory and ignored the other options. When interacting with the marshmallows the syrup and cranberry room links seem to switch afterwards.

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I opened up the game in twine, and it looks like the “waiting in line and factory” part of the game are repeated each time, for each of the three starting options, since there isn’t an inventory system to keep track of which object you chose

edit: so when each path was copied i don’t think it was done perfectly

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ve corrected it in the upcoming update.

I’ve added the inventing room and some more endings!

New endings have been made, just a couple more to go for this room!

I have finished the first two rooms now!

Sorry for the long wait but I’ve had a lot going on rn but it’s all sorted and I can get back to updating, yay!!!

Slightly sexual themes in this update. Next I will be writing the elevator and TV room scenes!

One more update and I’ll hopefully be done!!!

I have finally finished the game! In the future I might remake it or make a sequel but for now I am going to be making another twine game that will be 100% original! Thanks for playing!