My first WG animation

What do you guys think? This is my first animation, I want to make a game with my own assets and code.
My first games are gonna be small but fun!
Feel free to leave feedback!


I like the frames! It’s great pixel art - the light and dark of it makes it clear in an instant what we’re looking at, which feels good.
As an animation, it’s way too fast for me. Each frame should get… 3x as much time? Probably also more in-between frames, even though that is more work…
Also, some movement and the jiggle that comes with it, that would be great.

My pic as AI Art, what do you think? Potential?

I could point out what I like and dislike about this picture, but the better question is probably: Do you want to make pixel art or AI art? Because both will find some audience, but the one you want to do, you will do better and for longer.