My Friend The Mad Fatter (a visual novel parody of Alice in wonderland)

I thought of a parody visual novel of Alice in wonderland and I thought this would be a really good place to talk about it! Visual novel is called My Friend The Mad Fatter and it’s about you Hoping you could spend a couple months with The he Mad Hatter. Wonderland now would be running a business where you rent a either a day or at most 4 months with a entity in wonderland as long as they are available. and you wanted to pick the Mad Hatter being a massive fan of him. However he wasn’t available and you had no other choice but to have to pick a friend his who doesn’t really like talking to him called the Mad Fatter. You didn’t wanna pick anybody as everyone else you can think of and they list that are available are entities you can’t see getting along with. they also don’t give refunds and you don’t wanna leave knowing you waisted money on nothing so you pick him to see if there is a possible way to find a way have him take you to meet mad hatter at the the very least. Plus you figured he would be very similar to him even though you find out not necessarily. Soon finding out how he got his name. However as you spend time with him and occasionally The Mad Hatter. You start to like Mad Fatter better then Mad Hatter finding out you start to bound and get along with him better. However the Mad Hatter gets pretty jealous knowing this and he tries to occasionally sabotage your time with Mad Fatter.