My Friend The Mad Fatter (a visual novel parody of Alice in wonderland)

I thought of a parody visual novel of Alice in wonderland and I thought this would be a really good place to talk about it! Visual novel is called My Friend The Mad Fatter and it’s about you Hoping you could spend a couple months with The he Mad Hatter. Wonderland now would be running a business where you rent a either a day or at most 4 months with a entity in wonderland as long as they are available. and you wanted to pick the Mad Hatter being a massive fan of him. However he wasn’t available and you had no other choice but to have to pick a friend his who doesn’t really like talking to him called the Mad Fatter. You didn’t wanna pick anybody as everyone else you can think of and they list that are available are entities you can’t see getting along with. they also don’t give refunds and you don’t wanna leave knowing you waisted money on nothing so you pick him to see if there is a possible way to find a way have him take you to meet mad hatter at the the very least. Plus you figured he would be very similar to him even though you find out not necessarily. Soon finding out how he got his name. However as you spend time with him and occasionally The Mad Hatter. You start to like Mad Fatter better then Mad Hatter finding out you start to bound and get along with him better. However the Mad Hatter gets pretty jealous knowing this and he tries to occasionally sabotage your time with Mad Fatter.


This does sound interesting, I would definitely give this a play when a demo or a version is made. It’s nice to see some guy stuff on here as well, and not just female. Is the player character going to be a male or will they be a female?

Like I said, this project does sound good to me so I am definitely excited to see where this goes. :slight_smile:


Oh the characters gender would depend on what you choose so they can be him/he, she/her, they/them, it/it’s, etc! I’ll definitely be making some concept art of this and all my other projects! I’ll see if I can try and make some demos of them if I can! :ob But however concept art is still something that I’ll be offering!:relaxed:

Oooo, well then, I can’t wait to see how it will look. I’m excited to see the world of fat hatter. XD

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Of course I’ll probably start off maybe by posting concept art or ref sheets for Mad Fatter (Fat Hatter) themself!:relaxed:

Ooo, I’m excited to see this infamous Mad Fatter XD. Question, with the gameplay and visual novel aspect, and the weight gain and inflation tags, does this mean that the PC (playable character) is able to gain aswell or is it just other entitiies that can? I.E. Mad Hatter/ Fatter?

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I’m so happy you are!! The Mad Fatter tends to get fat really fast. Especially when he takes off a jacket of his that sucks up all his fat his personality and behavior also changes when he takes off his jacket. And other characters can gain weight or inflate in different ways. You’re PC can gain weight or inflate depending on what you eat or drink just like they can get taller or smaller depending on what they eat.

Oooo, now that’s interesting. What kind of sizes are we talking? Similar to what are in Alice in Wonderland? So itty bitty for smaller and giant sized for large or is it more realistic sizes where you grow taller or smaller by a foot or more?
Also, I’m glad to hear that the PC can also gain weight, how will that work? Will you see it per chapter say or is it an option to see how big or small your character is?

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we are talking about the cartoony version of small an large that’s in Alice in Wonderland. however you it doesn’t happen all at once you more or less increase in size by 5-10%. also your relationship with other characters change depending how what you go with and you get these options a little after when you end up meeting mad fatty and in the beginning of every chapter during breakfast of which you will then see the option!

Ahhh, gotcha, This project is truly becoming a lot more interesting, as well as my growing interest in it too. XD
Hopefully the development process won’t be too rocky or stressful and I’m excited to see the concept art for the Mad Fatter, Mad Hatter, any other character that will be making an appearance and what the main character would also look like.
This is becoming a very interesting project to say the least. :grin:

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