My Ideas for WG Mods and ROM Hacks

Here’s a few ideas I had for weight gain mods/ROM Hacks:

  1. A mod of NASB2 where Jenny is much heavier beyond her metallic body.
  2. A ROM Hack of Kabuki Rocks where the Fat McKee cheat is activated permanently, with her losing weight during the event where she normally gains weight, and then regaining weight after said event ends.
  3. A mod of SM3DW that makes Peach and Rosalina fat, complete with jiggle physics.
  4. A mod of Sonic Origins (Plus) that would make Captain Bozo and Ranger proud (with Tails, Knuckles, and Amy also packing on the pounds via onion rings).
  5. A mod of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game that puts a certain bread meme related to the graphic novel source material to good use, which affects all the playable characters by making them heavier and slower, yet buffing their strength to “broken” proportions (when maxed out with upgrades, that is).
  6. A ROM Hack of Metal Slug X on PS1 that edits the faces of the fat versions of Fio and Eri to both look less ugly and match how they look in the mobile game, Metal Slug: Awakening.
  7. A mod of Senran Kagura that makes all the buxom kunoichi of the game festively plump and then some.
  8. Finally, a mod of The Simpsons: Hit & Run to give Marge a physique that only TubbyToon could love (and think is just neat).
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