My New Roommate (DEMO)

Hey! For those of you that haven’t seen my other post, I’m Pink!
The first update for this game isn’t fully done, but i’m hoping for a MAY 5th release date!
That being said, I wanted to get a proof of concept out now, so you guys can critique my writing early on!
Keep in mind, most of the games assets are NOT FINAL, and though i’ll use original backgrounds for the first update, most of the art will be placeholders for the more polished stuff down the line.

Anyway anyway, I wanna hear your opinions on this! The writing, the branching decisions, even if you think the CG’s and sprites are too rough, gimme it all! I’m open to criticism I just want this project to be the best it can be.

(P.S. I may change the name cuz there’s a lot of other ‘roommate’ projects out there, but idk what do you guys think?)

See ya! ~Pink <3


its seems that demo is only when she gets out of the shower and then it ends

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Pretty good so far can’t wait to see where this goes.

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Yeah, I’m sorry It’s probably shorter than you were expecting, the main game is currently in development though, I just wanna get the first update as fleshed out as possible.

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Thank’s! I hope you enjoyed the writing! Might i ask, did you manage to play all the routes? If so i’d love to know what you thought
~ Pink

Just played through it, this is a really great start! I’m definitively looking forward to seeing this get developed more! Also the nervous route is my favorite so far. It gives me Femdom vibes and I’m here for that :star_struck:

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Not a lot so far but I really like what’s there! Looking forward to more in the future (fingers crossed for may 5!). I especially like the nervous route, most games I’ve played force the player into the dominant position and it’s cool to see a different option available.

I also really like the artsyle for the sprites, feels loose and very expressive.


Seems cute so far! There’s a decent amount of early on spelling errors, but that can be ironed out. Might help to have someone proofread, a second set of eyes never hurts.

I like the character art, I don’t think it’s too rough, and the design for the roommate is cute! I would, maybe pass the backgrounds through a filter or something at least personally. As is they do clash with the character art pretty heavily.

The premise of the story seems cute, if not really vague as of yet. Honestly it could kind of go anywhere from this point, but given the listed content I’ve got a good idea as to the plan.

Interested in seeing more from this, it’s a nice little proof of concept.

Interesting! Hafta keep an eye on it.

I’m going to ignore the spelling errors. Spellcheck should catch almost all of them.

a small mountain town called ‘Portville’

“your grandfathers laewyer” needs an apostrophe.
Ellipses… should have a space afterwards.
The dialog and characterization is good! I like how much difference the player’s choices make. Do remember what the story is about and don’t chase a million different possibilities. Looking forward to the first non-demo release!

Pretty cool little start. I like the characters and the multiple paths have me interested. Some of the more dom and sub vibes I’m digging. I would be looking forward to see how this develops. I will be giving this a watch for sure.

I put together a quick error list of what I found. Most common things where uncapitalized words like "i, i’m, i’ll"s. Some missing apostrophes and periods. A few spelling errors. Along with a few back ground image issues. Feel free to check the file below, it has a list of the errors.

Krod’s error list for My New Roommate (4.0 MB)


It’s short and there are a couple of spelling mistakes, but that’s a really promising intro to a game! I can’t wait to see more. The roommate seems to be really well written, and I like the different options we are given.

Whoa, I saw GitHub - kyouryuukunn/renpy-ActionEditor3 in the game files, and it apparently can do some dynamic/cool par​al​lax-y stuff.

I don’t comprehend parallax well enough myself I don’t think to make use of it, hmm.

TLDR: Do you plan to add a bunch of par​al​lax for depth to the game? or was the resource for the option just included for another reason?

edit: The layered sprites for size1 also look pretty cool for like uh dynamic runtime display of like whatnot.

nice job~ I will try it thx!

Short and sweet, the art looks great
Definitely looking forward for the upcoming content