My new interactive.

To Control and to Eat - To Control and to Eat - Writing.Com

I have made a new text interactive over on for those interested. It’s EXTREMELY bare bones at the moment, so sorry about that, but I will work on it slowly.

It combines my two favorite fetishes, obviously weight gain and mind control/hypnosis. I’ve left a lot open-ended so people could fill in the story just about any way they wanted.

I invite you to add on if you so feel like it, and also for criticism if you find fault with anything.

Otherwise, please enjoy what little is there.


Update: So I’ve heard the cries of how annoying is to navigate and it’s price so I’ve made a choice. You can now head over to To Control and to Eat — CHYOA to read and write on “To Control and to Eat”. is much more friendly towards free to use visitors and has no constraints really to writers, but there is one caveat. I’ll still be updating the version first then transferring it to the version afterward.

I just personally prefer’s easy to use interface for making interactives and how easy it is to fix mistakes, wheres requires you to contact an admin for a lot of things which can take a lot of time.

So either way, I hope you can enjoy the compromise.


Went through what little there was there, this looks promising! Will probably take a while before it is a proper interactive though, it usually does.

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Are we allow to add our own chapters?

Yes. I said that in the header.

…personally i hate that site away pull out stop because you are not a member really annoying…

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They’re not a member, or the website that makes you log out of your account?

,i delete because the fact they keep telling you to pay to get no damn ad of their pop up at the wrong time

I would love to read your story, but being in that site will literally put a paywall for me reading it.
I really haven’t been able to read any interactive story there at all in the last year or two.

I would strongly advise you to move your story anywhere else.

[RANT from now on]
I stopped using at all because the people that administrate that page seem to be from the stone age of computing or something. For them the last 20 years of internet never happened.

The site is just unusable for interactive stories unless you pay, and its not a cheap subscription even, you would think that to keep up a WRITING based site would be cheap, since you only need to load text, but no, they ask you for half of what Netflix does.
And let’s not forget the abusive and terribly annoying ads they used to have on the website. I usually disable my adblocker for the sites I use often, but I actually had to re-enable it again because of how horrible those ads where.


I don’t know how relevant it is for an average user, but the website blocks your connection if you’re using Tor.

Yeah, kind of sucks. It would probably be better to create the interactive on some other site, but you have already paid for subscription so it’s not much to do about that. At least the interactive itself looks promising.

I’ve made an important update of sorts, please refer to the header for more information.

Hey I found this site check out first to see if you would like to post your stuff there I think it good The Changing Mirror: Interactive Stories