My Primary Issue with Most of this Site's Content (VENT)


So, I love the stuff on this site, I really do, and I acknowledge that it takes tons of work to make a barely functioning game, let alone a fully functioning one. But the main issue with these games is that so many of them include people’s OCs in them, especially ones who are Patreon supporters or otherwise people who funded the game. Knowing that I may NEVER get anything as high-quality as that is incredibly infuriating, and it doesn’t help that I’m skating just above the poverty line either so I can’t pay for this stuff. Also, Unity costs money unless you’re a student, which also costs money, so I can’t make a game of my own, so it creates this feedback loop of me getting envious, wanting to fix my problems, then not being able to do so, then getting even MORE mad.

I acknowledge that this probably isn’t the best place to talk about this but it’s pertinent to this place and IDK where else to say it.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION. It’s not just that I can’t get into a game, it’s that I can’t afford a commission at all.

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Godot is free and easy


Unity is actually free along with Unreal, Godot, and many game engines any more, unless for some odd reason you need Plus or up which you really do not need unless you are making more than $100k USD a year with it.

Not to disparage your situation but yes this is not really the place for a rant post. If your post was more about asking advice how to produce a game on a budget or free learning resources that would be more on topic for the site. With that in mind I will be locking this thread.