My problem with All-Human character rosters

I have complained before on another topic about not liking all human character rosters, I wanted to make a new topic to express my opinions without loading that topic up with my rants. I probably even mentioned that I do not like humans visually. The thing is, however, that that is neither my only problem with human characters nor my biggest. Honestly, I don’t know where to begin, and this might take a while.

The games that really appeal to me are games like Shining Force or Suikoden 2 or Skylanders: Games that have their fair share of humans but also have a bunch of other different character is that you can play as. But my favorite character rosters, as you would expect, do not have humans. I don’t mind so much again having human playable characters, but I do mind the idea of catering solely to people that want human characters when your Universe can easily support non-human characters. By limiting the characters to just humans and humanoids, you are greatly limiting how a creative the characters are, and when the villains thrive on creativity, it gets kind of frustrating to see so many different creatures on the villains side but only one on the heroes side.

In addition, a lot of people genuinely do want non-human characters in video games. From my personal experience at least, people that want nonhumans are not picky. Even if it’s not going to be their favorite animal or Monster, it will still appeal to them because it’s something different from the other characters. You can still give them good personalities and backstories, and if written correctly, they can still be relatable.

That being said, I don’t necessarily need that characters that are relatable. This is the character I’m going to be watching on screen. Even in a book, I’m going to be visualizing the character. I would actually like to enjoy what I am watching or visualizing, and honestly, I think non-human characters are just more fun to watch.

It is true, however, that just because a character is not human doesn’t make them creative. I will admit that I am a little bored of all the cat and dog characters in Media. But to be honest, compare the hundreds of thousands of cats in Media to the millions upon millions of human characters, and it ends up being one of those good enough kind of things. There is just so much more you could do than just humans.

For example, I really didn’t have any interest in Final Fantasy 14 until the hrothgar. They’re basically just muscular Khajiit and the only thing really inhuman about them is their head and maybe patches of fur, but this was good enough for me. As human as all the other species looked, at least this one had a different head, and that gave it the more inhuman look that I was looking for. At the same time, it’s still a species based off a big cat.

Adding different anthropomorphic characters feels like adding completely new species. I do not treat Khajiit or argonians as the same species. However, I can treat all the human species and 3 out of 4 of the elves as the same because they do not look different enough from each other for me to treat them as a different species. The fourth elf species however, the Orcs, are in kind of a gray area for me.

—if that’s getting repetitive, scroll down—

But I think the biggest problem I have is a lot of the implications. In a lot of media, wife just feels like it’s treated as inherently evil and worthless, and the world ends up feeling like nothing more than a Sandbox for humans to do as they please. This bothers me for a few reasons.

Like, I don’t mind fighting the rynoks in Spyro 3 because I am playing as a dragon, a creature that does not exist so it has no effect on Rhinos in real life, but it becomes a lot less bearable for me when I’m killing them as the very creature that’s pushing them into Extinction in real life, which unfortunately is mostly humans. Same reason that I wouldn’t enjoy a game where you go around and kill koalas as a rabbit or a cane toad.

I know you might be tempted to say that it’s fictional and what not, but here is the problem I have. When a message is repeated over and over, for example things like furries are bad and only humans are good and nature is evil, it ends up becoming a real mindset. And oftentimes, it feels like a lot of humans will not do anything for the environment unless it benefits humans, even if it doesn’t benefit nature.

It’s also it’s not unheard of for fictional media to influence real problems. When Jaws was put into theaters, it ended up creating a spike in Shark killing. We may know a little better these days, what other animals have not been so lucky. Bats, spiders, wolves, snakes, etc. Animals that can be good and beneficial to the environment still get villainized to this day. That’s not to say that some of these animals cannot be a nuisance animals, as there are invasive snakes and what not, but still.

A friend of mine said that they are influenced by Natura who created character is it because they like those creatures. Then why are they always the bad guys? Why are all these cool creatures used almost strictly as villains? I thought I wasn’t supposed to like the villains. Surprisingly, I find myself more often than not wanting the villains to succeed at because they’re just so much cooler, more varied and interesting than the strictly human heroes.

—this is where you really need to keep an open mind—

And why do so many of these monsters and animals fight with each other? They have no qualms with each other? They will gladly fight together to fight the heroes? And yet, the heroes are only capable of fighting alongside and for creatures that look just like them? The only nonhumans that they are likely to have in their society are cats, dogs, horses, and nothing else. But more often than not they are just NPCs or Mounts. If the quote-unquote villains can get along so well and humans can only be friends with other humans, then who are the real badguys?

And I know this is going to sound drastic, but I have an incredibly low opinion on my species in general. The species that is constantly villainizing that nature and environmentalism. The creature that thinks trophy hunting African megafauna is the best way to save them. The creature that puts a light hand on bullying while putting more weight on the victims. The creature known for greed, war, environmental destruction, racism, etc. The creature that should know better than to do all this stuff. There is only so much sympathy I can have. Oh, animals are in no way perfect, but they do not have our mental ability. Even then, all species can be pretty cool in their own right.

… but so often, I just see the side of humans that only care about humans in Media. The version of humans that just go around and killing everything in their path that doesn’t look like them. The species that will likely cause more suffering if they save the day from a threat trying to keep them in check. The side of humans that live in a world made purely for humans and no other creature. The version of humans that I cannot relate to.

That is why non-human characters matter to me because they help the human characters feel more like an exception to that. It gives me a feeling that maybe humans are doing things that will benefit other creatures. And with the case of animals and anthropomorphic characters, it could actually make you realize how cool the real animals are, and that they are not monsters, but living, breathing creatures like ourselves.

But so few games or media do this. Why do I have a lot more respect for avatar The Last Airbender then I do games like Witcher 3 or Genshin Impact? That’s because avatar The Last Airbender feels like it has so much respect for life compared to other media. There are plenty of friendly non-human characters, although only two real main ones. They rarely fight or kill any of the animals… But then again they rarely kill the people either. Even the main character is a vegetarian, which I think is kind of cool.

Aside from the all-human roster, Genshin Impact gets frustrating because it doesn’t feel like it has a lot of respect for nature or non humans in general, but it often times wants to pretend it does. We have a character that cares about wolves, but the wolves are still treated as antagonists. The characters also try to save a dragon, but not before fighting the Dragon. We have these three bird gods that are not villains, but they are still kind of stuck up. We have a character with a snake, but the snake is more or less a decoration. We also have a girl with a bird familiar, but the bird familiar may not even be a living creature and could just be purely magical.

My problem with Witcher 3 is that it wants to show the evil side of humans, but doesn’t want to show the good side of anything besides humans. Most of the “monsters” that the main character saves are humanoids that might as well just be humans. He saves a few actual monsters, but all of them are still treated as evil creatures. Only Goodguys non-humans as far as I’m concerned are the trolls, and again, they’re in kind of a gray area for me. The game just feels like it had so much potential to be interesting, and it just shatters it.

And a lot of times in media, I’m actually kind of appalled by the story. Oftentimes, there will be a misanthropic villain that wants to keep humans in check, oftentimes for reasons such as they are destroying all life around them or something similar, and if the bad guys win, then that is cut down. However, if the supposed heroes win, then more often than not, they can continue to wipe out animals and destroy the environment, but hey, at least humans get away Scott free. In other words, the media wants me to side with humans just because they are humans. Honestly, misanthropic villains and animal lover villains annoy me even in video games I like, such as Pokemon sometimes.

—one more thing…—

I have complained about this to people in the past, but all I ever seem to get are excuses. “Oh, The people playing the games are human so the characters have to be human so that they are reliable and familiar.”" But that’s part of why I don’t is because I am already human and humans are the most common creatures there are. Plus, part of the reason I immersed myself into media is to get away from humans.

“But humans can be unique and diverse on their own.” I… disagree. No matter how many different backstories and personality types you give to humans, they will always still be the same species. Plus, while I value well written characters, I have seen just about everything with humans. There are so many creatures and ideas we haven’t dived into yet and I’d like to see more of them and less humans that I feel like we had exhausted. Finally, it’s hard to diversify your humans when they are all white and most or all of them have the same Anatomy.

“But it breaks the lore!” Honestly, I don’t even know how to respond to this one without coming off as a pretentious dickwad, but usually this just comes off as an excuse for bad writing. I can kind of forgive an all human roster in a game that’s supposed to be realistic and involves only human characters. In a fantasy world, however, it usually just comes off as shallow. Like, if you have anthropomorphic animals that can be just like humans, but it “breaks the lore” to have any of them be halfway decent creatures, then why do they exist with human intelligence at all?

“But it’s what people want.” This really does frustrate me because not everyone wants human characters, and when this mindset is shoved around like common knowledge, then the people that want non-human characters are often shoved aside in favor of the people that want more and more humans. And while some people are satisfied with just humans that have animal ears and Tails, for a lot of people, that isn’t good enough. I would love to see a non-human playable character in genshin Impact. I would have loved to have seen a non-human playable character in The Project X zone games. I would have loved to have seen some actual Variety in a lot of games in the modern day. It might be why I have a bigger soft spot for earthlock, an average RPG, or Bug Fables than I do for Neo TWEWY or Ni Ni Kuni 2 or most Tales Of games, Final Fantasy games, etc. Is it might be why my favorite dragon quest game in the main franchise is dragon quest 5, which admittedly is one of the more popular ones (same with Final Fantasy 7, my favorite mainline Final Fantasy), but still.


I hope you took the time to read this and understand why human characters in media have become so frustrating for me. I tried to explain my reasons as calmly and rationally as possible, because I’ve had a problem with not doing so in the past. I also hope you guys don’t think differently of me it because of this. Also, I really do not want to start a fight. I just wanted to post this to let people know how I feel.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

If you want more non-human character’s in art and media then you can help in your own way. Make the things you want to see. Pay other creators to make things you want to see.

Our site is about creating content. There has never been a time in history better than right now to start learning creative skills. That’s the way you’ll change minds - by creating stuff that other people like.

You can ask so many people here about when they realized they had or gained their fetish. They trace it back to cartoons, and movies, and experiences. Willy Wonka. Men in Black 2. Totally Spies.

I write content that is very heavily belly focused. It is a niche within a niche. And yet I’ve built a following. I did a survey among them.

Around a third of respondents told me that my content affected what fetishes they had. More people like bellies because of content I wrote. More people like weight gain because of what I wrote.

So I’ll repeat myself, be the change you want to be in the world. Don’t just complain about people not liking what you do. It wont change anything. Instead show people what is so appealing about non human character’s by creating things worth reading, looking at, or watching.


I have been thinking about getting back to making some of the games I was creating. There is also a book I’m writing about Sumo wrestling monsters that could fill a fat fur fans desires without being in your face about it so any normal reader can enjoy it as well. … I work on it a little everyday, though I do feel like I don’t work on it enough.

Still, my drive to see something different is one of the driving forces behind my book and some of the games I work on.


This forum exists is because mainstream devs are ignoring the fat and expansion niche. It allows us to share and discuss games that might otherwise not be accepted on a more general games site. Trying to split the community based on their willingness to create content using furry and non-human themes seems counterproductive. We are here to make the games we want to play, and trying to push people into making games FOR YOU goes agaist that.

There are definitely already people here working to create furry content. I know several devs and some of the staff enjoy non-human characters, so it isn’t like this is some humans only club.

Even the people making games you don’t enjoy are not your enemies. This is a relatively small community and the dev working on one project now could easily be on a team making your perfect game a year from now assuming they don’t get burnt out on gamedev completely by things like this.


I don’t expect people to make games specifically for me, though I do find it weird that a forum like this seems to specialize in human content. I mean, it’s nice to know that this is not strictly a furry thing, but I’m not finding a lot of furry games, and unfortunately the games I did find do not work on my only working computer.

But as for a lot of the big games like Genshin Impact, Project X Zone, Final Fantasy past 10 or so, etc. It always gives the world kind of a shallow feel to them to only have human good guys and, again, makes it feel like the world is nothing more than a Sandbox for humans to do whatever. I mean, they cannot put in any anthropomorphic Good Guy characters, but they can add all these different creatures and characters to the villains including anthros, and it kind of gets frustrating seeing so much charm and variety and creativity used exclusively for the villains.

Plus, I feel like those kind of games give horrifying implications. Maybe it’s just the world around me, and I am constantly seen people demonize environmentalism and caring about animals and how killing and slaughtering is the right thing to do, but I can’t help but feel like the fact that a lot of modern media villainizing animals and nature is a big influencer. The more I see that kind of media, the more I fear for the future. Just being honest.

It’s also made worse when people seem to reject the idea of characters being anything other than humans. I feel like I’ve said what I have to say about why I don’t like human characters and I hope I might have explain why some people might not know either. I get it if people want human characters, but when companies cater to the people that ONLY want humans, that just adds to the frustration.

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I mean it works both ways. Some worlds can easily encompass non-human creatures and it works perfectly well. Some worlds would absolutely be freaking weird with having non-humans and it would take away a lot of the immersion for people if you were to introduce non-humans into the game. Either are perfectly fine, but like if I was to play through a game about characters being in college and saw non-human characters, it would totally kill the game for me.

Ultimately, I don’t think games should include non-human characters just to include them. If the world built has non-human characters as meaningful characters in it, then by all means it should have non-humans as playable characters. But a lot of worlds don’t, and that is perfectly fine.


I should have clarified a little better, but yeah. In a real world setting, I can understand the characters all being human. It’s mostly in fantasy settings that it bothers me.

Maybe it’s just because of the fact that I genuinely do not enjoy watching human characters or playing as them depending on the circumstances (especially in humans=good/everything else=bad type stories) but I kind of don’t mind if non-human characters are an option even if they don’t make the most sense. But it really bothers me when they absolutely do fit into the Lore, and we still get all humans. Ni No Kuni 2 could have easily had anthropomorphic cat, dog or mouse playable characters, but instead gave us a human with cat ears and a tail, a swordsman that feels like he was copy pasted from Tales of Zesteria or the other way around, a man who enjoyed the idea of murdering the protagonists if they didn’t save his daughter, and a bunch of other characters I didn’t like and just made me beg for anthropomorphic animals even more. There’s also the Higgies, which are dolls that have so little expression that they kind of pissed me off.

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To be fair, in terms of creativity/variety you could make the same argument against anthropomorphic characters (including humans) as a whole. No reason to stick to the humanoid body plan at all in fantasy or sci-fi. I think it’s just the fact that humans are familiar since they actually exist, and people like familiar things. Not to mention how much easier it is to make human characters, considering all your biology, proportions, behaviors, and most importantly references are done for you. After all, there’s millions of real life references of people in every pose/motion imaginable to tell if you’re doing something right, and exactly 0 of actual animal people.


True. You don’t necessarily need to stick with anthro characters, but again. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like humans is because they are so familiar, and that makes them mundane and repetitive. It’s also why I am not that picky when it comes to nonhuman characters because they are less familiar and less mundane… Except for cats dogs and horses, which are some of my least favorite animals in fantasy settings, but still less common than humans.

Also, the fact that you have so many different enemy is based off so many different characters and creatures and whatnot kind of bowels what you said about only being able to create humans because they are the most familiar creatures, but then why are we able to be so unique and diverse with the villain characters? And why only villains, the characters I’m not supposed to like?

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Mostly because being able to recognize exactly which enemy you’re dealing with at a glance is important, and that tends to be much easier when you’re working with non-humans. You can break things into categories that share visual traits to indicate differences in mechanics, and a lot of time you can even use animal traits to indicate these before the player even sees what they do. Classic stuff like winged enemies flying and swooping, or something that looks like a rhino having a charge, or a bug turtle not being able to be damaged while in its shell. You can be a bit more subtle with things that aren’t enemies since the player doesn’t get hurt/die from not picking up on visual cues. Plus, since enemies are always getting swapped out, it makes more sense to make them varied instead of player characters. Like in an rpg, what will feel more bland, a party of 4 humans and like 50 types of enemy that are mostly non-human, or 4 different non-humans and then all you fight is different dudes? If I remember correctly that was actually a big complaint people had in Dark Souls 2.

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But again, that severely limits how creative and likable the characters can be. I mean, games in the past managed to pull off having non-human playable characters easily. Those games were memorable for it. Games like Project X Zone and Genshin Impact just frustrate me with how unvaried the characters are. There are ways that you could easily tell non-human good guys from nonhuman bad guys. All it really takes is to make them look more friendly and pleasing. For example, you could easily tell Bleu apart from the other dragons in Shining Force because he was cuter and more friendly looking. How did we go from good guys looking friendly and bad guys looking evil to Good Guys absolutely having to be human and nothing else while bad guys are anything from horrifying to adorable?

Honestly, I much prefer the latter. Again, I am not supposed to like the villains more than I like the heroes… at least I thought. I don’t really care that much how varied the villains are, the characters I’m not supposed to like. What I care about are the characters that I am supposed to like being varied: the heroes. Humans tend to be my favorite things to fight, anyway. If nothing else, fighting humans is a way to take out my frustrations from various things in life and media.

And, honestly, I can enjoy fighting in a giant monster. I mean, I really do like Elder Scrolls and they have giant monsters. The problem I have is when humans are treated as the absolute God. When all other life is treated as evil and worthless, then I absolutely have a problem with humans being the only good guys because that is something that clashes so heavily with my beliefs and how I feel.

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I think this condemning of people in general for making games that don’t cater to your specific preference is rather unfair of you. I get how it can be disappointing to not find anything related to your fetish, I’ve got trichophilia (a strong attraction for hair) and there aren’t any games that cater to trichophilia here. But is it fair of me to call the entire Weight Gaming community, who are making all these amazing games out of pure passion, as being creatively bankrupt or part of some grand anti-hair movement for not having girls with long black hair or creating a fantasy world without hair growth spells?

For me, I say let people create what they want to create. No one else will ever have your exact vision or preferences, and just because a large portion of people don’t cater to your specific niche and instead create what they prefer doesn’t mean they’re in the wrong. If you absolutely can’t stand playing as a human character and see them as nothing but evil, how is that the fault of the game dev?


… how is wanting characters besides humans in video games an oddly specific niche? Is how is showing the value in life besides humans oddly specific? I honestly do not see how asking for just a little bit of creativity and depth to a world and a roster of characters is asking for that much. Like, why is it that important for games to feel shallow and zoosadistic? To paint ALL non-human life as evil and worthless? To make humans look perfect and so high above all other life-forms that they can do whatever they want without consequence, including wiping entire species out of existence? I mean, I’m trying to be calm and rational about things, but it’s hard to do that when all I ever get are excuses and defenses for something that actually kind of offends and disgusts me.

Like, for once, I would just like to see people understand my side of the debate. I would like to see people understand why that kind of media bothers me so much. Again, another thing that makes it hard to be rational when everyone feels like they are against your way of thinking and are just telling you to change instead of understanding your points.

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The problem is you’re seeing any game that doesn’t have animal characters as “shallow and zoosadistic”. And you’re saying that a developer that doesn’t include animal characters in their game is bad and shows a lack of creativity. You’re painting everyone who doesn’t create a game that you want as supporting some grand anti-animal movement and contributing to your perceived idea that everyone hates animals.

Most people understand your point, having animals like wolves be the typical mob enemy makes you feel like we’re targeting animals and nature as the enemy. But for many it is usually not the case. Is it reasonable to assume that a first time developer who uses RPG Makers stock wolf assets is really against nature and non-human life? While you claim that no one is understanding your side of the debate, you refuse to see the other side and paint anyone who disagrees with you as the enemy


I don’t even know anymore. Mostly, I just do not agree with the implications of media like that, and how limiting humans are. In addition, It’s just that it actually does feel like REAL humans are against nature/animals/furries/etc. at times for various reasons besides media, and part of me can’t help but worry that media is an influencer. A lot of people reject everything involving environmentalism and protecting animals whether it’s heavily flawed or not and thousands of animals are endangered partially or fully because of us.

Plus, I don’t think you do understand. Your post just feels like you are attacking my opinions when you say “oh, we understand that it bothers YOU and you need to see OUR arguments first” instead of “we understand that it could be bothersome and that some people may want something new and how portraying humans as the only goodguys can make a world feel one-sided and unrealistic” or such.

Is and one more thing that makes it hard to discuss this rational. It feels like every time I do, people feel the need to villainize me.

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Look, when I started this place, I was big into the furry scene. I’m also gay. Yet most of the games on here are focused on human women gaining.

This is basically the polar opposite of what I’m into, but I didn’t stop those people from doing what they wanted nor did I ask them to cater to my desires. I made this place to help the community as a whole grow, to provide a spot for anyone that had an interest in the fetish (or game making in general) a place to find his or her peers regardless of our specific interests.

I don’t regret that the games are catering to a crowd that has very little overlap with my own interests, because I celebrate that they have a platform to express their creative vision on. Sometimes the aspects of that creative vision might seem annoying or offensive to me, but (outside of legal matters) I move on because to ask someone to change their creative vision is one of the more egregious things I can think of. For instance, I despise blatant political satire/commentary in games, however I haven’t stopped anyone from making games with that content, nor asked them to tone it down (only to not discuss it on the forums to avoid fights in the comments). In fact, one of the game jam games I judged quite highly was:

*Human characters (mostly)
*The focus was on a female character
*Was rife with political jokes

Basically my kryptonite, but I was able to look passed this and see the merit and hard work put into the game. I don’t resent the work, nor the creator, and have continued to encourage them to keep doing what they do.

At the end of the day, each one of these projects is someone’s child project they’ve been nursing for possibly years. Something they work hard on, crafting each aspect from the art to the stories. They put in the time and the effort, and in doing that, they have earned the right to craft their world how they see fit. As Juxt had pointed out, if we find certain content lacking, the most assured way to change that is to do it ourselves. This might be by becoming a patron of a project that offers characters slots, or by creating our own games. Only we can ensure that what we want in the world is made how we want it to be made.

I’d invite you to take your gripes with the current state of affairs and turn it into your own creative endeavor, as I can assure you no one on here is going to do that for you, nor should you want them to. If you had made a game with your vision intact, consider how abrasive it might come off when someone was trying to push you to add more and more human characters. This is an exaggerated example, but you’d have to admit it would feel like someone trying to butt into your project, your world that you spent the effort making.

It wouldn’t feel good.


Anthropomorphic characters have historically often been seen as a way to play with racial stereotypes without being overt enough in general to draw the same amount of attention. When I see Khajit, I don’t see cat people, I see the blend of middle-eastern and roma influences that guides their design, mannerisms, behaviour, etc way more than any actual non-human traits they might possess. It’s really common a practise and something I wonder if people have stopped to reflect on. Especially in media where these beings are portrayed as aberrant or abnormal in some way.

Treating the mere existence of species as something that magically, instantly makes a work better on its own is rather infuriating to me in that lazy writing denigrates a work in a more tangible and harder to undo manner. For all its flaws, the Mass Effect series in my mind, does a far better job than most, even if the majority of its species probably aren’t ‘furry’ enough for some peoples’ tastes. Why? Because the designs, mannerisms and feel of them is less identifiably human. It is a lot easier to suspend believe in something like Elcor because I’m not constantly reminded of some aspect of real-world ethnology as I might be if I’m say, literally any of the species in Elder Scrolls.

The more niche the criteria for a ‘good game’ is made in subjective, personal, terms the harder it will be to find the ‘perfect’ game matching those criteria.


I think I do want to clarify.

It’s not that I am trying to control people, I just don’t understand why so much media portrays humans as the only goodguys. I do understand that some people might find them more relatable, and if that’s the case, more power to you. But not everyone does. As someone who is both a furry and mildly misanthropic, I actually relate more to the struggles of other creatures than humans. It would be cool to see more non-human representation.

But again, why is nothing else besides the most common animals allowed to be good in most modern media. No offense, but “to help you differentiate goodguys from badguys” is kind of a lousy reason. That kinda just comes off as to say “people are stupid.”

This topic was more about venting calmly rather than trying to change people. I can, however, say that I have shown a book concept off at a forum, and they told me to make my characters into humans, and when I said no, they said that I was stubborn and couldn’t accept criticism. On Steam, there was a game called Unlucky 7, a furry horror survival game. People threw a tantrum because the game wasn’t about humans. The devs caved in and made a human version, which honestly made me lose respect for them and the game.

One more thing. Media is meant to be a form of escapism, and the reason most media doesn’t work for me is because it doesn’t let me escape from what I want to escape from.

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I completely agree with most of your points especially about how humans destroy the environment every time I see the tons of factories around some places I wonder how long the world will last and some rich people eat shark fins exclusively which endangers the sharks even more humans by default are greedy, selfish, along with other things but the people and events in their life change them for better or for worse. But there are still humans that aren’t corrupt or contributing to the deterioration of the earth. But the part about games being mostly human might only be a argument for console games because there’s plenty of furry games that aren’t for consoles and I can definitely agree with that consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox and the switch.

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I know, but my problem is that it often feels like media wants to romanticize some of the things that I don’t like about most people. It also kind of bugs me every time a character seems to get a sadistic thrill from killing animals and monsters in games.

Yeah, I find a good anthro starring game every now and then, but they are hard to come by, especially because most of them are obscure. And most of the ones that do get attention tend to suck or get bad reviews. Biomutant? Flopped. Yooka-Laylee? Flopped. (Though It’s sequel actually got good reviews, but it didn’t seem as well advertised.) Crash 4? It got good reviews, but people hate it because of the excessive 100% goal. And yes, the latest Ratchet & Clank game has been getting pretty good reviews, but that’s kind of an exception. A lot of the good anthro starring games you kind of have to dig for, and a lot of them range from utter crap to just okay.

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