'My problem with/Anyone else tired of' all the topics that start with phrases like those two

People complaining about games being made not being the games they want people to make just clog up General Discussion and are inherently confrontational and self-centered. It’s exhausting to see one person after another pop up who can’t understand the words “IT’S BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE GAMES THE WAY THEY LIKE THEM AND IT’S NOT EASY TO DO” no matter how many times everybody says it to them. If we’re not gonna forbid them outright, can we just have a Selfish Whining subcategory(maybe even actually name it that so the people posting these have to acknowledge that’s what they’re doing) so people can just mute that and focus on topics about literally anything else.


I personally wish more people would try using the search function, so they don’t keep posting variations of the same topic over and over again. Or so they can answer their own questions without needing to make a new thread each time. I don’t know what the plan should be for all of these duplicate topics.


They’re indeed “General Discussions” and, really, a lot more civil than I’d expect. I don’t see any rules specifically against it (though that may soon change) or have any personal qualms. At the least, they do tend to be rather repetitive, so it may be true that they don’t meet the standards for thread quality. I simply hope some of them will use their discontent as a catalyst for their own endeavors. Nothing quite like finding out what you definitely don’t like in games to show you what you do.


Seems a bit “Censory”. If people don’t care the topic will die of soon enough. If people want to discuss, let them. It’s not like the forum is drowning in thousands of irrelevant threads. As long as it’s somewhat on topic and not completely irrelevant to the forum I see no harm in it.

Besides this thread is also a complaint thread and would belong in that category…


If people don’t care the topic will die of soon enough.

People have been arguing in circles with someone who is aggressively not getting it for, like, weeks now. Someone new keeps going in to try to explain it, with the exact same explanation, and gets the exact same stubborn refusal to accept reality from the OP. And so it stays on the top of the page, luring more people into thinking they can convince this dead horse to get up if they beat it with the same stick everyone else used.

Besides this thread is also a complaint thread and would belong in that category…



I dunno. If we say the exact same argument to someone the enough times, surely they’ll suddenly have a complete change of heart and change their opinion.


Not really for me I just see them as a discussion about a game and sometimes you can even recommend a person a game and if you’re lucky you might even find a game that both you and another user like

Usually I agree. But I disagree with the way some of them have been passive yet unrelenting, and I think that’s what OP is getting at. It’s not deserving of a blanket ban or locking the thread, but I don’t know a flair could be nice.

The ones that evoke generalized disappointment in games made here by other users are kinda inflammatory. In my opinion, that kind of negativity could have been channeled into constructive criticism on that project’s thread and would have been a way better conversation. I just hope some up-and-coming dev didn’t read one of those, realize their game is one of the things said vocal minority wants to see less of, and get discouraged from making games / continuing development.


While I do agree that threads like that can be a bit discouraging (especially if you’re making an RPG maker game, since that tends to be what I’ve seen get complained about the most), I wouldn’t want these types of topics be banned or really have any action taken against them.


If it isn’t abundantly clear at this point, I have been deleting comments that see this thread as an excuse to shit on other users, which is incredibly ironic considering the thread’s content.

As unfortunate as some of you might think it is, we’re not going to stop people from having an opinion on here, even if we feel that opinion isn’t going to be popular. What we will stop, however, is people demeaning those users for expressing those opinions and resorting to character attacks. Anyone surprised that we’re taking those steps should review our FAQ - Weight Gaming

Now I’ve been patient with this thread, but further messages with blatant and unnecessary ad hominem attacks will result in much harsher administrative action.

Regarding the actual requests in this thread, no we will not be doing anything requested here. If we feel a thread is a problem, then we will step in. As others have pointed out, however, almost all of these threads resolve more or less in a civil fashion. If someone gets discouraged from one of those threads, for instance the ones on the RPG Maker criticisms, then they’re going to have a tough time on the internet. Feedback, as I’m sure you are all aware, can get much nastier than the milquetoast content of that thread.

My suggestion, if you truly dislike these incredibly uncommon threads, is to ignore them.


By the way, if anyone is not sure about the best way to ignore a thread: at the bottom or on the right near the scroll bar there is a bell Icon, click on that and then change it to “Muted”, now you won’t see that thread again next time somebody posts on it.


So here’s the thing about this. Calling it censorship and all that is right but what no one has mentioned is we are here to work. This isn’t a place for people to vent their hot takes. It is for creators and community to come together in a way that pushes us all forward in our understanding of how to make a fatty wank video game through transparent development and fan feedback. Being a forum for what is literally a combination of porn and video games already attracts a specific kind of “Lol so randum mlg pro 42069xx” person and the circle jerk of “I hate x thing because it’s not what I like!” And “FUCK YOU I LIKE X THING!” threads only encourages that kind of person to stay. I’m in favor of just locking the place down like a dictatorship if it means less pointless complaint threads.

Tldr Make you’re own shit. We’ll support you the whole way. Or pay someone to make you the shit you want. OR don’t make your own shit, but also shut the hell up because you’ve contributed nothing and we’re all busy working here.


I get what you’re saying as this site is ostensibly a repository of resources and information for content creators and developers, however I don’t believe quashing the expression of opinions and thoughts is necessarily healthy in a creative community; keyword being “community”, as in we are more than just the sum of our creative output alone. Sure you’ll get the rough along with the smooth, but that’s why moderators and the means to mute individuals or threads exist.

Rather than silence people, just ignore them.


I understand that it can be annoying when people tell artist/dev what they think should be in the game, but also understand that people might get emotional about work of someone else. Specially when the game is not finished or worse when its just concept trying to gather support. Personally I`m tired of discussions starting “give me money so I can develop what I want and you can shut up and keep paying no matter what I do”. But should they be silenced? No, its called freedom of expression. If you don’t want to deal with it don’t put yourself out there in a way people might confuse with you wanting feedback on unfinished thing. And if you don’t want reviews from people that played your game, develop it for yourself only.

By the way isn’t complaining about people complaining even worse, as its bit hypocritical? :smiley:


Honestly I think complaining about other people complaining is just dumb unless you live with them then there is no need to do this

Sometimes you just want to get stuff off your chest.

In the form of complaining about the hard work that other people are doing, often for free. Complain to others in your specific kink circle, not to the ones who deserve encouragement.