My project Royal Belly Brawl I'm using is Godot Engine.

Ok… I’m coding a game but there is a small problem. It’s that I have trouble making and coding my own weight gain game at the time. I tried to use AI but nobody developed my game…:thinking:

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“Nobody developed my game”
Aren’t you supposed to do that yourself?


But what exactly… do you want US to do about it?


Maybe tutorial videos I could learn about it, I think.

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So you made a folder on GitHub waiting for someone to develop a game without mentioning said game to anyone, and I’ve got continuous notifications just for that. Just search on Internet how to program, or use a different engine if you are not able to use Godot.


So you just dumped a github link, wanting someone else to do your job, meanwhile not explaining what the game even is, and what you want us to do for you, which not only defeats the whole purpose of developing a game since you either don’t want to learn how, or just don’t want to.


You’ll play as the royal queen, whose belly grows continuously, eventually turning her once-innie belly button into a gigantic outie. She uses this newfound power to fend off enemies and protect her kingdom. You control the ever-expanding queen with her gigantic outie belly button. As she walks around, her belly grows, and her belly button inflates like a balloon. Tap the screen to unleash her belly button’s power, causing it to flatten and defeat enemies in her path. Collect coins dropped by defeated foes to upgrade the queen’s belly size and unlock new abilities. Watch out for challenging boss battles where her belly button truly shines! It’s a quirky and addictive adventure that’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Okay, so - you don’t seem to understand the nature of how these sorts of things work. That’s… surprisingly common-place, with creative work, so let me take a moment to explain.

People engaging in creative work tend to want to create the things that they themselves are passionate about. The game makers and designers here are mostly making their own games for a reason - because they’re passionate about them. They want to make those things that inspire them, and (potentially) share them with others because they think they’re neat or want others to enjoy them too.

It’s not just the act of creating itself that creative people are motivated by, which is why asking somebody who likes making things to make exactly the thing you want them to make is not necessarily going to result in anybody taking you up on it. The people who make things also need to enjoy the process or have some other source of motivation, which means either they need to feel the inherent pleasure of bringing their own visions to life (which means they are creating their own ideas) or they will require something else as motivation.

What are you offering as motivation to get somebody else to do all the development work for your idea? Ordinarily that’s… something. Typically money, but not always. Maybe you’ve done the leg-work of assembling assets, or are building a part of the project but need help elsewhere, or… something that makes life better for them. But something.

Basically, if you want somebody else to make your game for you then you need to offer some sort of benefit that creator will receive for doing so. Something that they can’t get easier by simply making their own game for themselves. Otherwise what is the point of doing your work when they could just… put that work towards their own thing?

People on here enjoy helping one-another make things, but that means helping. Critique, advice, motivation. Not making the whole thing for somebody else. Godot is a great engine, and since it is open-source there are plenty of public resources already available for it. I’d encourage you to read up, make a couple simple “Hello World!” projects to get your feet wet, and see what YOU can do to make your vision into something tangible first. Then come back and ask when you have specifics to ask about or offer.