My Roommate is a Feeder! (WIP Renpy Game)

Hey gang! So, I’ve decided to start a thread for my WIP VN Project, “My Roommate is a Feeder”!

Some time ago, I created this thread I am an idiot, Please Help Me Learn Ren'Py. - #69 by dingotush

to get some help learning renpy.

Funnily enough, I came up with an idea for a game while playing with features, and the thread took on a bit of a life of its own.

I figured the best thing to do would be to create its own thread for development! Especially because… I need help. This was all going on during finals, and I am an idiot, so i got a bit confused and overwhelmed. I’m going to post the game’s script here in the thread, because there isn’t much in-app yet, no major plot spoilers or whatever, because I need YOUR help to configure this life-sim’s script in such a way that it functions, simiarly to, say The Weighting Game or Tramp.

I wanna thank everyone who has helped me so far and I hope this game works out!


I realized I didn’t actually describe the game’s idea lol. So the game concept is heavily inspired by Fill Me Up. You play as Sophie, an incoming college student, and move-in with Anna, a wealthy, fit, red-headed gal with a secret feeder kink and an eventual crush on you. Hijinks ensue, will you fall to gluttonous temptation, or will you persevere? Also, its a life sim lol daily choices and what not.

# The script of the game goes in this file.

# Declare characters used by this game. The color argument colorizes the
# name of the character.

define s = Character("Sophie")

#Sophie is a bottom-heavy blonde with secret feedee and lesbian preferences

define a = Character("Anna")

#Anna is a busty and fit girl with long crimson hair.

default sophiefatness = 0

init python:
    def tick(amount=1):
        global day, dayOfWeek, time, time_map, timestr
        time += amount
        if time > len(time_map) - 1:
            day += time // len(time_map)        # Advance day
            dayOfWeek += time // len(time_map)  # Advance day of week
            dayOfWeek %= len(daysOfWeek)        # Wrap day of week back to Monday
            # dayOfWeekStr = daysOfWeek[dayOfWeek] # update if you are using this
            time %= len(time_map)     
        timestr = time_map[time]

    def isWeekday():
        return dayOfWeek <= 4    # Mon thru Fri

    def isWeekend():
        return dayOfWeek >= 5    # Sat, Sun

default dayOfWeek = 6

define  daysOfWeek = [
        "Monday",       # 0
        "Tuesday",      # 1
        "Wednesday",    # 2
        "Thusday",      # 3
        "Friday",       # 4
        "Saturday",     # 5
        "Sunday",       # 6
default time = 3

define time_map = [
    "morning", #0
    "day", #1
    "noon", #2
    "afternoon", #3
    "evening", #4
    "night", #5
    "latenight" #6

# The game starts here.

label start:

s "My first day on-campus. You can do this, Sophie. It's just college, almost everybody has done it."

s "I've just gotta study hard, make some friends-"

s "-and avoid that freshman 15 my mom kept warning me about..."

"My cheeks start to turn red, warmth rushing to my face."

s "Why am I blushing over that? W-whatever..."

s "Made it to the apartment I found online. That ad really came in just when I needed it most!" 

s "A place this big would be a lot more expensive usually, but there's another roommate here to split the rent with!"

s "I wonder what my roommates will be like?"

s "Time to find out, I guess."

s "Hello? Anybody home?"

a "Yes? Who are you?"

s "Oh! I'm Sophie!"

"The girl stares at me blankly for a moment."

s "I'm uh... your new roommate!"

a "Ohh! You're the one who responded to my ad on Greg's List!"

a "You know, before you came along, I wasn't sure anyone was gonna respond to that ad."

a "I almost forgot about it and planned on posting ads locally instead."

s "W-well I'm glad you didn't! I uh, really needed this place."

"Now that the introductions were done, I took a moment to look at my new roommate for the first time."

"Anna was gorgeous. Seriously, she could be a model! Those beautiful crimson locks, those piercing green eyes, that flawless skin..."


a "Earth to Sophie? Hello?"

s "Huh? S-sorry I'm here! What did you say, again?"

a "I asked if it was okay to go over a few house rules with you. But if you're so distracted by something right now..."

s "N-no I'm fine! I promise!"

a "Then good. Alright, well, each day, feel free to do whatever you want around here."

a "Though I recommend eating meals and going to class, obviously."

a "If you ever want to hangout or anything like that, just let me know!" 

a "Though, I really like my beauty sleep, so I won't be down to hangout in the early morning or late at night."

a "Some things just aren't doable at different times, ya know?"

s "R-right, I guess."

a "With that tutorial, I mean explanation, out of the way, why don't we get something to eat?"

s "Huh?"

a "It's already noon! Surely you need to stop and get some lunch, you've been busy all-day moving!"

s "W-well, maybe..."

"Admittedly, I had already had a decent enough lunch just an hour or two before. I made a sandwich or two back at my parent's place."

"But I wasn't sure if I wanted to pass up an opportunity to get to know my new roommate on the first day, before classes even started!"

    a "So, yes or no on the lunch break?"
    "Sounds good to me!":
        jump firstbinge

    "I ate before coming, sorry. Maybe another day?":
        jump dayonedeny

label firstbinge:
a "Awesome! You're gonna love this!"
"Anna jumped from where she was standing and rushed off to the kitchen, immediately pulling things out of the fridge."
a "I may be a Psychology major, but my REAL passion is cooking!"
s "Oh wow!"
"My mouth began to water a bit as I smelled the distinct scent of cooking meat."
s "Whatcha makin'?"
a "Burgers! I had some frozen ones lying around, and I can make 'em extra special!"
s "Looking forward to it!"
"I waited for around 10-15 minutes while Anna cooked."
a "I hope you're hungry!"
"Anna reappeared with a platter of burger patties stacked high, about 7 of them."
s "This is... a lot of food, Anna!"
a "Sorry, I'm awful at cooking smaller portions of food..."
a "Anything we don't finish is leftovers, okay?"
s "Alright..."
"And so we got to talking a bit. I learned she was a psychology major and culinary arts minor."
"I learned her family owned this property, so she got to live here for basically free."
"I told her that I came here to study art and communications."
"She was a sophomore, I was a freshman."
"And so we kept talking and eating, splitting the tray of burgers..." 
"I say 'Splitting' but in reality she only ate two of them. The other five... my bad."
s "Getting... full... ugh."
a "Sorry about that, Sophie."
a "I maybe went overboard for today."
s "It's okay."
a "Just relax a bit and let that digest okay? Won't do you any good to get an upset tummy on the first day here."
s "Fair point..."
"Anna got up and cleaned the whole mess up, before giving me one last look and smiling."
a "I think you and I are gonna get along perfectly, Sophie."
"For some reason, this sent a chill up my spine."
$ sophiefatness += 1
jump daily_choice

label dayonedeny: 
a "Oh uh, okay! Fair enough."
a "Feel free to hit me up to hangout, okay?"
"I felt a little bad ditching her, but I'd already eaten lunch."
"Time to start my first day!"
s "Although, it's already after noon!"

s "It's Sunday, so I don't have to worry about classes, but..."

s "What should I do today?"

jump daily_choice

#Example menu#

label daily_choice:

menu dailychoices:
#Includes Mirror and Shower
    "Go to the bathroom":
        jump bathroom_choices
#Includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    "Make something to eat":
        jump kitchen_choices
    "Go to class" if isWeekday() and (time == 0 or time == 1 or time == 2 or time == 3):
        jump class
    "Go to work" if isWeekday() and (time == 1 or time == 2 or time == 3):
        jump work
    "Hangout with Anna" if (time == 1 or time == 2 or time == 3 or time == 4 or time == 5):
        jump hangout
#Includes Trying-On Clothes and Changing Clothes
    "Go to my wardrobe":
        jump wardrobe_choices
#Includes Shopping, Beach, Gym, Running, or Restaurant 
    "Go outside" if (time == 0 or time == 1 or time == 2 or time == 3 or time == 4):
        jump outside_choices
#Late Night Options
    "Go out partying" if (time == 5 or time == 6):
        jump parties
        jump wait
    "Go to bed" if (time == 5 or time == 6):
        jump sleep

label wait:

"You sit around, not doing much, for an hour or two."
$ tick(1)

jump daily_choice

label bathroom_choices:

s "I'm in the bathroom, now what?"

menu bathroomchoices:

    "Look in the mirror":
        jump mirror_choices

    "Take a shower":
        jump Shower

label mirror_choices:

s "Well, there I am."

s "Should I look at anything in particular?"

menu mirrorchoices:
    "Look at my face":
        jump mirrorface
    "Check out my body":
        jump mirrorbody
    "Examine my belly":
        jump mirrorbelly
    "Check out ass":
        jump mirrorass

label kitchen_choices:

s "I guess I am pretty hungry."

s "So I guess I'll make something to eat..."

menu kitchenchoices:

    "Make breakfast" if (time == 0 or time == 1):
        jump breakfast

    "Make lunch" if (time == 2 or time == 3):
        jump lunch

    "Make dinner" if (time == 4 or time == 5):
        jump dinner

    "Get a snack" if (time == 6):
        jump midnightsnack

label wardrobe_choices:

s "My wardrobe!"

s "What should I try-on?"

menu wardrobechoices:

    "School uniform":
        jump schoolgirl

    "Cheer uniform":
        jump oldcheer

    "Workout clothes":
        jump workoutclothes

        jump tryonswimsuit

    "Fancy dress":
        jump formaldress

    "Party fit":
        jump partyclothes

label outside_choices:

s "Okay, where to today?"

menu outsidechoices:

        jump restaurant

        jump shoppingstart

    "The gym":
        jump gymstart

    "Go running":
        jump runningstart

        jump beachstart

    "Go exploring":
        jump explorestart

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The title seems nice! I don’t know anything about game making, but you have my full support on this awesome game! : D

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Very excited about this one

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Good luck with making this game, the title looks very interesting :grin:

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Look really promising, I’m looking forward to it with great interest !

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what does this even mean

I think English is not their first language based off his profile.

The sussy roommate part is like, yk, they’re devious or somethin, and the 2nd part I’m assuming probably means something along the lines of when someone says that something is the last thing they needed in life and now they can die happy? Kind of like “I finally finished that game and now I can die happy” or whatever.

That or it pisses them off so much that they wanna die

The 2nd one, they’ve made the same sort of post on three other games.

This topic has been derailed enough by a single off topic comment. It has been addressed and dealt with. Any further discussion on the matter will be treated as off topic and removed. Thank you.

Just a general reminder, this site is for game design, weight gain fetish and fat content( but not limited to), and the creation and consuming of said content. If anyone feels uncomfortable with the content on the site or the fetishes shown off in general. I would recommend maybe not playing or doing things that re-enforce that feeling. And if you need to it’s fine to step away from the site as needed.

We welcome targeted feedback and critiquing content developers make or post, as it can often help to see a different perspective and lead to a better end product. But if something is making you uncomfortable and it does not break our rules, or the purpose of the site, that might be an indication the content is not right for you.


Thank you, I appreciate the help! Now then, back to my struggling attempts to make a life-sim kink game in my free time!


Marking this one, seems very interesting. Hope this doesn’t get counted as necro posting though.


Hey I appreciate it. I got a bit too busy to formally do anything with this at the moment, but I do genuinely have interest in this concept and want to workshop it more ASAP!

Just need a bit of help with coding first, was having a real struggle getting the LOOP to work like in other games, and then I just need to make time outside of work and other projects.

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I’ve been thinking about FOR NOW, reworking this into a Story-driven VN, as opposed to the daily choice sim.

This is mainly cuz its easier for me to make, because its extra code and extra writing to make those many choices UNLESS somebody wants to help the code for the daily choices.


Honestly a VN seems like a much better idea. You can focus more on the story rather than grinding through repetitive content.


I do agree on that, VN are usually a lot easier to do and a lot less time eating


i assume it would still have a multiple choice story? if so yes for sure you should definitely do that if its easier. hell even if it isnt multiple choice still do it, itll probably still be something ill play lol

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I can respect it.
With the premise for the game it seems like it would work better as a VN anyway (having the driver of the game/gain being the roommate)

If you’re worried about branching plotlines getting messy, you could take a page out of the book of one of the old college Quest 5 games on here.
They don’t really branch plot-wise, but choices you make would make you gain/lose weight after the time skips (i.e: buy meal plan = +5lbs, join track club = you break your ankle, +10lbs, etc.) But the major story beats are essentially the same. Then you’d just need if/else statements for weight brackets to change dialogue later on.

On the other hand, if you change your mind again: you could look into the script files of fill me up cause that’s a daily choice game that is really simple under the hood, because it’s less granular than something like tramp or a piece of cake (i.e you’re not choosing what to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner etc.)