My second game haha

Made in 2 hour…

Here you go… Any bugs and stuff tell me, yeah? =)


the meeting with king slime i can’t scroll the text down

just fixed it, should be good now
sorry for that and the late reply

Interesting premise, but the dialogue is way too brisk. There’s no time for any of the actually arousing, fetishy aspects of WG/slime inflation to come through. It just describes what happens in the cleanest way possible without any flavor text os creative writing.

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yeah i understand, to be fair, im not that good with telling stories or stuff like that but i’ll try improving it if i’m gonna make another project

Np, actually you were pretty fast, IMO.

I’ve just played the game and so far it’s really good! The slime scene definitely has a lot of potential! Will the main character be male or female or will they be ambiguous? I personally would like to see an ambiguous character.

Well, for myself, its a female but I don’t clarify the gender for your own pleasure…
or something like that…
But in the game I’m working on, the person (that is the one who gets fatter) is a girl… but in this one, its gender is unclarified

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