My two old games (Quest)

This is the first game: Alpha stage- discontinued- too buggy

This is the second: WIP - postponed indefinitely - too much work-not enough time

The second plays better but the first has completed endings. Both are made with the text-adventures software and can play in almost any browser.

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I do realize that it has been discontinued, but is there a way I can see all the endings? I do not want anyone else to see spoilers, so please PM me.

Yes, if anyone else wants the endings PM me.

I’m new so I don’t know how to PM yet, I looked for it on your profile and couldn’t find any option that resembled sending you a message, but it could be me being dumb and tired.

@Muffintopmanor, I think it’s the case that as a new user you don’t have access to sending PM’s initially - it’s not you being dumb. The message button is pretty big and obvious once you have access to it.

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Okay gotcha. If you can, could you send me the endings?

Sure, I’ll send you the endings.