My WG Preferences

First of all, I am all for female weight gain. Particularly humans over furries.

Second, it doesn’t matter if a fat female’s belly has rolls, is smoothed out evenly, or their belly button goes outie. Plump, jiggly bellies are the best part of a fat female.

Third, I personally feel disgusted around things like vore and disposal (a.k.a. scat), as well as futa (especially when applied to fat females).

Fourth, the only slob-related details I like regarding fat females are burps and farts (think of it as light slob, but with messy eating replaced by flatulence). Anything else like pubic hair, the aforementioned disposal, etc. repulses me. Messy eating is optional as long as someone cleans up for the fat female (and minds the smell of methane-related fumes).

Fifth, personally, I don’t like it when GTS growth is involved in weight gain (like parodies of King-Sized Canary, for example).

Sixth, another thing that repulses me are health issues involving weight gain (i.e.: diabetes, heart attacks, etc.), as well as “death feederism”.

Seventh, I prefer female breasts getting bigger as a female gains weight without sagging sideways a la Koudelka2005, etc.

Lastly, I believe more tags like #slob, #gas, and #human should be added to future topics (like games, for example; I know that has nothing to do with my preferences, but I was just throwing that out there).