Myre ingredients

When at Myre’s ice cream shop you have the choice to give ingredients, i already know that you have the option to give breast milk; however, i cant seem to figure out how to give it to her, and are there any other ingredients that you can give.

So far, I think there are only 2 ingredients to give her; the breast milk and ovaria fruits. If when you click on “offer ingredients” you get no other options, that is probably because you don’t have enough. Try getting more and see how that works.

Yeah there aren’t many options there yet because i haven’t made them yet. Sorry about that, haha

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, and any future answers.

no problem!

what other options do you have in mind? also do you plan to include content where if you lewd up Myre enough she takes you up on that breast milk offer you make? I imagine if you do enough cow village quests you could have quite a bit of milk to give your piggirlfriend.

Its hard to say. the more i make things, the more i learn about how to implement things in creative ways. I play on redoing most of Myre’s stuff just because it’s structured in a weird way. When i get to adding more stuff to her will i have more ingredient events? Maybe. i’m either going to remove that aspect or expand on it. Its there because i want there to be a journey to convince her to gain and not just immediately have her be gluttonous. What id like to do (if i can get it to feel right) is have you able to make her a bit fatter over time then encourage her from there. one of the ways which seems like a low hanging fruit is having her accidentally put on some weight because of new ingredients.

Now will i make her more lewd? Maybe? I had plans for a belly rubbing event but haven’t gotten around to it. I might, but i don’t know how it will appear in game when i get to it. Thanks for asking!