Nanako information

so I’ve been informed some people are confused about the main heroine, of my game, Nanako

Character Name: Nanako Avak

Species: half-elf

Gender: female

Age: 30 (looks 19 though)

Height: 5’1

Weight: 150

Character Physical Description:
Even though she is a half elf, she inherited her mother’s height, so she is short especially for a half elf, and she has a little bit of excess weight, mainly in her belly, so she has a bit of a pot belly
She has blond hair,
Pointed ears,
She has a blue left eye and a silver right eye,
A smooth complexion,

Sexual Orientation:
She is bisexual, leaning towards a lesbian

She is currently in between jobs (she hasn?t been looking though)

Powers/ Abilities: she has psychic abilities, after she met a nice old woman, she helped her and the woman gave her the ability to tap into the hidden potential of her mind, she also has a knack for magic, though she is a bit of a klutz so her spells has an odd side effect

A spell she accidentally casted on herself causes her to gain weight like crazy, though in the next day she shrinks back down, her psychic abilities causes great strain on her mind if she uses it continuously, currently trying to alleviate that

Personality Description: she is a kind and sweet person, hates it when people make fun of others, she loves helping people, though sometimes she causes more harm than good when helping people,

Personal History:

Nanako lived in a small hidden village as a child, her mother was found by a village elder, and the two ended up falling in love, to the point that Nanako was born, as she got older her brother had to banish her, (see explanation on his bio when it comes up)as a result she resented him

She has helped an old woman, that thanked her by unlocking the hidden potential in her mind, giving her both the psychic abilities and the stronger knack for magic, though the old woman made the process quite painful, since Nanako accidentally broke the old woman?s leg in the process (she is quite embarrassed about is so don?t ask her)

additional details:
Nanako has different levels of spells, the basic spell, thunder, a AoE attack, thunder barrage, a strong attack, bolt strike, then a heavy attack, this attack is so powerful that the residual mana fattens Nanako, terravolt, she can also combine spells to make stronger spells, tornado and icicle fury, makes an ice tornado. she can also infuse her magic into any weapon making it have that elemental affinity

if you have any questions about her go ahead and ask