Natural end to the feeding scene

Love that you can get revenge on the fairy by feeding her in return, but there is no natural end to the scene; you just keep repeating actions until you feel like stopping. Also, you’re still under the effect of the cursed armor during all this, which kind of lessens its impact as an act of revenge; your character is getting fatter than her, probably. Any way this scene can be adjusted? Like, you have an option to force her to remove the curse before you feed her (unless you just want to keep it) and the feeding scene has a natural progression and a natural end to it.

I agree, but there’s actually nothing forcing you to put on the armor. You can go through the whole feeding scene without the armor on, take it to town and get it disenchanted for 1 gold. Plus you can leave the stretchy/binding feature on just in case you change sizes.

It could be better written in general. Most of the early events like the tutorial and the regular fairy were created carelessly to test features and the dialog hasn’t been adjusted since then.

I agree with Troodon’s suggestion here, most if not all new players would be wearing the armor, so the scene could end either by the fairy disenchanting the player’s armor, either the player feeding her, say, 4 times. The dialog would follow up the stuffing’s progression as well.

Well technically you don’t actually have to, but the game tells you to do it, and I prefer to RP my characters as if they don’t know what I the player does unless something in the game tells them.

Really want to game the system as it is now, best thing to do is not put the armor on (even though Seraphine tells you to), choose to get your “revenge” on Seraphine for feeding you, then take the fattening enchant off the armor. Then you have a piece of armor you’ll never outgrow. (The leather mail is better, but it has a fixed size).

I’ve actually gotten away without wearing the armor on accident a couple times. Something you might consider if you want to keep the early game armor boost and add a fun player decision, is rather than making the armor eternally binding disable just the standard removal process so that it naturally breaks. Maybe even re-balance the gain rate or make the effect only trigger when hit, and then buff the protection value so that it is slightly better than the standard armor you can find, making it act like a temporary boost between re-fittings. If you wanted to have a little more fun still you might have the second (or third?) encounter with Seraphine check if you are still wearing her “gift” past its expiration (by having it refitted).