Naughty Fox (Halloween special mini-game)

Happy Halloween

I made this game in two days.

You are a fox guy who wants to see the weight gain of a rabbit gal, but a mad dog is stopping you.

More information, read the “READ ME” file.

Untitled game0000

Ver 0.01

  • The hard mode is now more easy.


Music: Música gratis para videojuegos y vídeos de YouTube


Very cute little game. Only real issue I have is with the Hard difficulty. The dog moves just as fast as you and moves perfectly so that you get boxed in. I can only just reach the bunny and bring up their image before I get a game over. I would try maybe reworking the AI for the dog to have some flaw so its possible to maneuver around it or just slow them down a bit.


Did a Let’s Play, It’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

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Thanks you for the feedback

Awesome. The first gameplay of my game. :slight_smile:

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