Need a hand beginning a Twine Text Based project

Hello fello individuals of suspect nature, I am woefully ignorant and unversed when it comes to anything even resembling code (my experiences begins and ends with html 3, 13 years ago). As such, I was wondering anyone would be able to teach me or direct me to any helpful information. Alternatively, if anyone was willing to be the hands in terms of putting the actual technical side of things together. I would, of course, be willing to cater heavily to scenes of said project towards anyone who would take us such a labor. As such, I would and will be the source of writing for said project.

If anyone is willing to be a tech jockey for me so I may remain ignorant of the medium I wish to create through because I am admittedly lazy in that regard, feel free to either reply below or poke me, and I would gladly give a sample of the scenes that could be worked in with your desires in mind(Non-extreme in regards to slob, no scat/diaper shenanigans, and things of that ilk). I would, of course, be prepared to offer a smaller influence to anyone who tutored me as well.

Thank ya for your time, best regards.


If you do not want to learn code, you should start by downloading twine, which is a GUI for code-like design. It is limited though compared to what you can do with things like javascript.

Additionally twine games compile INTO html code, so prior experience in html coding is actually quite useful in comprehending twine. You can even read a compiled twine game in plaintext as if it were html code (although I don’t really recommend this.)

twine website
download button on right (At this moment)

instructions written by twine themselves Home - Twine Cookbook

important note: harlowe+GUIEDITOR=whatyoulikelywant

sugarcube+CLI compiler and vim style coding=googleyourproblemsandcopypasteadvancedgameplayfeaturesfromtheinternetlikeautomatichotkeygenerationforexample

Sir, I am attempting to solve my issues with promises of smut. How dare you try to tell me to engage in something and present helpful links and this whole…logic thing into the mix.

Thanks for the links, however, as helpful information is helpful, surprsingly enough. I’ll squirrel around a bit and hope i dont light anything on fire.

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In my opinion if you just want to start writing stories with the most minimal coding I’d suggest looking into inkscript. It’s awesome and quite powerful. You can create an entire text adventure with it. From there once you have more technical support you can pretty it up and make it more complicated.

Actually looked at it and it seems much more managable for a first time project. I am essentially blind in terms of any sort of stuff like this, so having the actual frame work being easier makes it much less exhausting to work on a project myself after writing. I thank ya kindly for the recommendation.

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