Need help coming up with clever names for wardrobe malfunctions

Been trying to make a thesaurus for wardrobe malfunctions terminology, and I am struggling to think of some fun, clever terms. For instance, I’m trying to come up with a word/term/phrase to describe the way rips in fabric sometimes appear, looking like holes of various sizes, separated from each other only by thin strands of fabric. Look below to see what I mean:

There’s also this thing I see a lot (which I can’t find a visual reference for, sorry) where a shirt will look really loose/baggy on a person except for the midsection where a noticeable bump appears in the fabric. I currently call it the “ghost in the sheets effect” but didn’t know if there was a better sounding name


For what you call the “ghosts in sheets effect,” I’m not sure there’s a great catch-all word for what you’re describing. Describing it as loose and baggy with a noticeable cling around the pudgy bits might be your best bet. A good lead might be to check out what kind of words they use in art to describe this in sculptures; I know they call this “wet drapery” on marble statues to show form underneath.

For the holes, some words that might help describe the fabric:

  • Ribbons
  • Strips
  • Stringy
  • Mangled
  • Threadlike

To describe the holes themselves, these might help:

  • Punctures
  • Pockets / Pocks
  • Leaks
  • Opening
  • Or just plain holes

And just some freeform ways of describing it:

  • Plubs of fat, barely clothed by ribbons of stretching fabric. (Yes I just made the word plub up)
  • Various holes puncture the fabric with bits of fat peeking out.
  • Popped seams in the leggings grew into scattered holes, with only thin strips still holding them together.

Thanks for the fun little research / writing exercise. Hope this helps!


The “ghost in sheets” could be called a “reverse tent” since a “tent” is pretty much the same thing happening with the shirt strained by the booba while the rest is loose


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