Need help creating a visual chart of different Belly Types, Shapes, and Sizes

I’ve been having this idea for a collaborative project that I’d really like to have some others get on board with. It’s a bit ambitious, but it would be so cool to see actually done. I’m looking to do a sort of taxonomy chart of all the different types of belly shapes and sizes in one big photo collage. This idea isn’t completely original, however. I was inspired by this website that collects photos of every BMI for every possible height and weight combination:

Keep in mind, the photos don’t have to be of you. They can be of other models, stills from videos, or even stock photos. The more photos/footage you have access to, the better. Because I’ll mostly be asking for visual references based on physical descriptions (Do you know any stuffers or gainers with a pear shaped body, love handles, and more lower belly fat?). All you would need to do is refer me to a pic/vid of a person matching that description (Oh yeah, there’s so and so, here’s some stuff of theirs). It may take some effort, but I’m sure having to dig through some files wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for you guys, considering their content :wink:

Thank you beforehand to anyone knowledgeable enough to help me


Would this just be for women?

Yes, although a 2nd alternate version could potentially be done for males

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Here is something that may help, though warning as it doesn’t have consistent people posting pictures of their progress and majority of the time is them losing weight.

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Thanks for the link, but unfortunately, that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. The picture qualities on there vary too much, and it becomes more noticeable when put together

Using this website, personally:

There is a shape category for rectangular, bottom-heavy, top-heavy, and hourglass figures. I sometimes find they aren’t always faithful to that category though, so it would be nice to see a resource more dedicated to shape-size dynamic!

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That’s a good one but had similar issues with it as I did the previous link.

I thought pudgelover did a bangup job of describing the different ways women gain fat in their post here. They also have some pics in deviantart galleries for visual reference. Not exaclty a database but I think it does a good job of separating the different fat body types.

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Yes, I saw that post. The pictures however are lacking a bit in variety. They only cover the things that pudgelover had mentioned in their post

I understand, its nowhere near a database and it doesnt have weights or anything. Id say your best bet is probably to just find people with premium memberships or who are patrons to famous models and have access to weights and heights and stuff like that. That and maybe some r/fat to fit progress pics are the only way I can see someone get exact information and pictures of a certain quality. Maybe some 4chan threads might be willing to share premium sub/patron exclusive info for models but thats about all I can think of. Best of luck though.

Something like this but also does the front-profiles too. I don’t need the actual height and weights. I just need some pics of different body types and shapes (but have consistent camera quality so it doesn’t look so choppy)

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Preferably, I get enough people on board with this idea that I can have a massive group collaboratively help submit pics of gainers that match descriptions I give. It would save me so much time from having to dig through folders on stufferdb to find the specific bellies I’m looking for

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