Need help finding a game that I can't remember

Alright thankfully I actually know what the game was like for the most part but for the life of me I just can’t remember the name of it, and my searches have been utterly fruitless so I need help.

Basically you were this new hire at this restaurant and it was expansion oriented, with the types of foods doing various different expansion oriented things, and they were categorized with various colors. It was somewhat of a grindy game, didn’t really have a story, at least from what I remember, and the whole point was slowly unlocking new characters to fatten up/do whatever to, the grind is the whole reason I stopped after a while and forgot about it, but recently I wanted to try it again because I’m starved on new fetish games to play.

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You might be thinking of Hungry Girls by paploman. He has a self-hosted site as well as a Deviantart you can check.


Yeah that’s it, thanks for your help

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