Need help on art

Hello world. I need help on learning how to create digital art. I only have a PC and a phone. I’ve never made digital art. Anyone could hit me up on some advice or help, please @ me or send me a message (or just comment on this post).

if you want to draw with a mouse you should use smooth stroke (most drawing software have that setting).
you can also use your phone as a tablet with something like VirtualTablet and if you want you can make a stylus by putting aluminum foil on a pen or something. it shouldn’t be able to scratch the screen as long as it’s made of glass.

I can’t give recommendations on tutorials because I can’t draw so I can’t give an informed opinion but someone else might know. otherwise the top result on youtube is probably decent.

you could also look into 3d-modeling. Blenders tutorials is a good start after that I would recommend looking into sculpting because of how useful it is when modeling

It may help to know what your experience is in creating art, you said you’ve never worked digitally but how are you with traditional art? What is your goal in creating digital art- subject, purpose, style, medium?

If you are doing pixel art, you don’t have to worry too much about something like a drawing tablet as you are zoomed in so much that you can control the art rather easily. GraphicsGale also gives you keyboard arrow control over the placement of pixels for higher precision.

If you don’t want to pay for a tablet and develop the dexterity for bitmap(Normal) digital art, I would recommend vector graphics. Programs like the Adobe suite(paid) or Inkscape(free) are 2 of the best from what I know.