Need Help starting a project

So back in September of Last Year i made a post about a horror game with a unique concept that i havent seen. I want to make a Visual novel, like other games on the forum. Game such as: Weighting Game and Fattening Career. I don’t know what software to use nor how to actually start. Can anyone give me some software to use?

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Both The Weighting Game, and Fattening Career use The Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine ( as a game engine. And two different programs for visuals. The Weighthing Game uses Daz 3D - 3D Models and 3D Software | Daz 3D. Fattening Career uses VaM or virt-a-mate to create it’s visuals.

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Which is easier to work with? do you know which one?

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VaM is much cheaper overall and supports VR. VaM renders in real-time, Daz doesn’t.

Daz essentially requires a modern nvidia desktop gpu, whereas VaM just requires a moderately somewhat recentish GPU.

Daz and renpy are free to download and install, VaM is fairly cheap. The VaM hub is full of free content, whereas the Daz store is full of expensive assets.

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So VaM would be better to do the visual in Ren’py alright

That is not the point I was making. But if you have a moderately decent PC like maybe a 2 year old AMD radeon desktop or some such, and no money, then yes, VaM is likely better than daz for you.
Although VaM itself is not free. So, you might as well just download daz and see what you think (since that part of daz is free.)

Another important point is that there are roughly 10-100 times as many renpy VNs made using daz than there are made using VaM.
Although if you’re considering VaM another option is actually honey select 2.

edit: What are your computer specs anyways? That might be useful to know.

TLDR: The default choice is daz, but you do have other options to consider, yes.

my computer is pretty Beefy it has 3060 12 gb with 32GB of ram with the most recent ryzen 5 processor. Ill check out Daz

I recently found out how to use mirror maker. Easiest visual novel software there is. It doesn’t need the base game however it’s…not very well known