Need help with 3D models for 3D feeder game, don’t have any money so it’d have to be a volunteer option{closed}

Soo I’m working on a game and I’m struggling to make the 3d models I wanted to make a cartoon look but i can’t seem to make it look good if someone is able to help me with the models that’d Be really helpful
For the game to be done quicker… sorry if your looking to get paid maybe if your looking for future payment I’d be happy to contribute to that but I don’t have my money on me so I can’t pay straight away

Well, modeling isn’t some easy task, so asking for free work is a bit…off putting. I understand where you’re coming from (I’ve been using Blender a few times, and I’m still not happy with how things turn out), but if you are using Blender, I suggest looking through the tutorials constantly. Modeling takes lots of time and effort, and you’ll never get it right the first few tries, but keep it up, and don’t lose faith!

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thanks I’ve actually been getting a lot better since I posted this last time

Long time lurker here. I’m somewhat competent with Daz3d but a lot more comfortable with a Fresco/Illustrator to Photoshop workflow. Feel free to shoot me a message about what you’re lookign for.