Need help with Pixel Art "n" Stuff

Im not 100% sure on how to make pixel artm but im using pixilart to do it and i need some pointers on what/how to make a good looking thicc girl and if anyone wants to draw something i got ideas for it

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Can’t really help too much, but I can reccomend using GraFX or Krita instead of Pixilart. Due to how many different styles and sizes that are possible, I’d advise simply starting with making base bodies before going into making plush people. After you make a base you’re satisfied with, tinker around with the sizes afterwards and see what fits. Don’t just do a simple brightness slider edit either for shading. Tinker with saturation and hue as well. Any other advice I have would depend on the style you use.
And don’t forget! Every pixel counts!

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I’ve dabbled in GIMP for what little I’ve done, and I find it useful to have one of two things, ideally both: a reference for what you’re drawing, and actual lineart to trace with pixels.

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I use firealpaca and my hand, I draw a sloppy line art with the pixel brush, then just tune it up from there. although I do come from past art experience, so I suggest having a reference as a guide as above stated. Tracing works well in beginning learning, but if you keep doing it you won’t get much better. also be sure not to claim traced art as your own work. I’m really serious when it comes to social art rules forgive me h

Personally, I’m using Pixlr. I don’t know, I just like it.

I’m not the best pixel artist there is and I struggle to produce good quality assets, but here’s my methodology nonetheless.

For large sprites, what I do is I start with a drawn sketch. I’m not really an artist and I can’t draw shit, so I’m using references on google. But if I could actually draw, I’d definitely produce my own references. Here’s the one I used for my game :

Then, I resize it to the dimensions I want my sprite to be, and I apply a threshold filter, making sure the lines are visible enough. I turn the white transparent, add a colored background, and I start cleaning the sketch. If some parts are a bit too detailed and I can’t clean them correctly, I just make a big glob of pixels ; details will be added later. Here, I finished cleaning the head.

After cleaning the lines, I fill the sprite with a flat color.

Then, I chose a color palette for the shading, and I try to imagine where the light source is and where what the shadows would look like. I also make some changes and focus on some finer details, like the hands, using more references. Here I went a bit sloppy on the head since it will be covered with hair and eyes and stuff anyway.

And finally, the classic last step of any drawing guide : add details.


Can you show us your work? How much experience you’ve got?

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