need help with quest

ok, I have a few questions regarding a few quests that some of the mods in the game.

1 when you meet the sorceress what are you so pose to do after that?

2 where do you find the bathhouse.

3 who is the person I’m looking for doctor Feils in the Kau village

I can answer the second, the bathhouse is in the same area as the Fun House, but you have to hear gossip where people mention a rundown bathhouse

i did see it but i saw nothing. i’ll wait and see if i can see it again

I think these are all questions about content within Nostordamus’ (sic) mod.

When the brothel madame introduces you to the sorceress, you then have to visit the sorceress the following day at her house in the magic district; then you’ll start a grind where you visit her once a day to repeat a scene until you get a new scene, then you’ll repeat that scene, and so on, and so on.

The bathhouse is in the same place as the entrance to the brothel, but you won’t know it is there until you hear gossip.

After Felis tells you to go the village you’ll go talk to the purple haired kaugirl and she’ll tell you to talk to the shaman in the other part of the village, which will start a quest chain about lactation,

ok thank you very much ill try it now