Need Help with Slob based video-game

Hello! I’m a composer, (I use FL Studio 20) and I’m looking for programmers for my slob based video game. This will be a Unity project, meaning it will use C# / C+. This also, will not be a paid project, HOWEVER, I do value your time and you as a person, I will give you breaks WHENEVER you need them. This project is also going to be an RPG (not made in RPG-Maker) and will be based around the weight gain and slob kinks. We quite literally just started so we are currently looking for all positions, as well as ideas, and a story. If you need to contact me, contact me here, or on Discord. (SassySlob#6319)

(P.S. I apologize for my hastiness writing the first draft of this post. I was too eager and didn’t really think of the implications for my game. I hope you all can forgive me.)

(P.P.S. This also might be paid, IF I get money, however, it is NOT a guarantee, do not come into this project expecting MONEY. This is a passion project, and as I don’t have a job, I won’t be able to pay much.)

(P.P.P.S. We also need artists! If you can DM me with examples of your work, either here, or on Discord [listed in the paragraph above.])


So the for the first post of somebody nobody knows, you ask for an entire team of people to make a game for you with the pitch being: “slob based video game”.

Did you not perhaps read this in your head and realise how that would look.


uhh, what role would you take in this team? I hope you’re not just hiring people to do YOUR dream project for you, because that’s kinda how it sounds like

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If the game is made in RPG Maker, then count me out.

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Nonono, I can do music and composition and suff like that. I use FL Studio.

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Nope, I’m planning on making on Unity (C++)

I have edited the post to be more informative as I now understand how this looks on my image on this site, I was too eager to get to work and didn’t think of the implications. I apologize and hope you all may forgive me.


Thank goodness. The reason why I assumed it would be made in RPG Engine was simply the RPG tag.