Need help with some scenarios

I’'ve been writing a twine game and was making decent progress, but I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock and I’m struggling to come up with ideas for random “encounter” type events.

For context, in the game, the player character has inherited a diner and has to choose staff members and invest money back into the diner to make it successful. The game cycles through a loop of:

Wake up > Go to work > Serve food > Socialse with staff > Tidy diner > Make purchases > Go to bed.
Each part adapting in someway to the weight of the PC, the staff or the customers.

Ideally I’d like to have a unique event for each cycle to keep things fresh, but I’ve only managed to come up with a couple and I’d need 4 more to have each loop filled.

Any suggestions or pointers on how to come up with scenarios would be really appreciated.

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I have a few that pop into mind.
Wake up~
MC wakes up fresh and awake → struggling to get out of bed. Trying on clothes only to find that they need to upsize. Going a slob route, they have a hard time finding clothes that don’t have a sauce stain or two.
If they pair up with one of their staff, they could wake up to them bringing them breakfast with the option of the MC being demanding and asking for more and more food each time. This could also work in reverse with the coworker being the greedy one.
Go to work~
Depending on the means of transport. If its a bus as the MC’s weight grows, they will have a harder time standing as time goes on. Squeezing pass people to get on board and taking up more and more of the bus door way leading to them getting stuck.
unique event: if there is a person that regularly visits the diner, they tease the MC as time goes on with a randomly generated quote.
If their car pool or drive themselves to work, they find they have grown too large to use their steering wheel, having to buy a bigger car.
Serve food~
This would be a little different, focusing more on the food and the people eating it.
As the story progresses people begin to eat more ravenously, patrons regularly popping buttons and belt buckles.
People go from eating salads and generally healthy food, to decadent meals.
If a feeder/Feedee couple are there, the MC could note their increasing demands for food and recommend even fattier foods to really pack on the pounds.
Another event: a person who asks to host a eating challenge for Tv at the diner. Then the contestants are passed out from food comas afterwards.
A person could get stuck in one of the booths and need help getting out, the MC could help or just stand back and enjoy the show.
Socialize with staff~
Having to settle a dispute over who gets to take the leftovers of the day home or the MC can be greedy and take the leftovers for themselves.
A staff member who has been stealing bits and bites here and there being egged on by the MC or teased/shamed.
End game possibility, depending on who you spent the most time with, they could take over as manager, as the the MC has become too overweight to do it.
Go to Bed~
As the MC sleeps, they hear funny noises, and dismiss them. Then their bed brakes beneath them.
Waking up in the middle of the night for a snack, only for it to turn into a full on binge.
Dream scenes of fattening up their staff members, focusing on different body shapes(Apple ,Pear, Hourglass ,etc.)
Bit of a long post, partly because I like thinking up scenes in my head and partly because I’m avoiding studying for my final.

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Hot damn dude that’s a good list. Thanks a bunch, I really wasn’t expecting something so thorough.

There’s definitely ideas I can work in here, not saying there’s any bad ideas here, just that some are going to be easier to fit in with the stuff I’ve already written.

I feel you on that last bit, I’ve got looming deadlines myself, so I hope things go well for you. : )

No problem, on the plus side the due date has been pushed back.

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