Need ideas for twine game!

Looking to try my hand at making a twine game not sure what all it will entail quite yet but wanted help with some ideas and asking suggestions about yalls likes and dislikes! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Disclaimer: I have no experience whatsoever in making Twine games, only in playing them.

That said, from a user perspective, the interface and menus are incredibly important. If a game has too many menus to click through where it takes me 10 clicks to edit a thing on a character, then I’m just going to stop playing the game because it’s too much of a click simulator.

Have you ever played the game Fort of Chains? It’s admittedly not a great topic (RPG slavery), but the interface pushes the boundaries of anything I thought Twine could do. I suspect it’s far more difficult to craft than I imagine, but maybe you can glean a few ideas from it, nonetheless.

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Awesome thank you! I havent ever made a twine game before either! Ill give it a look to see what i can do about the menus! Any ideas for setting or preferences you or anyone else may have?

Honestly, I prefer modern settings when it comes to videogames. But I guess fantasy is fine too

Awesome thank you for the input! You have any ideas how to possibly make it a bit unique as to not just fall under the modern day trope?

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Hmm…maybe adding monster girls/boys and magic to a city setting would spice things up?

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Ooh i do love me a modern fantasy you got yourself a deal! Gonna also try to get a character creator and preferences so if you only want female or only male or no preference!

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Good rule of thumb is that whatever you like, other people will probably like too. The more in love you are with your game / art / whatever it is you like to make, the more effort you’ll want to put in.

At the end of the day, people can recognize a well-loved / crafted game, no matter the setting.


I appreciate it! I just want ideas for what fetishes to include so on ao forth if yall have a character idea yall wanna see in it!

blue hair goth girlfriend :pleading_face:

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Blue hair goth Gf that can be a feeder or feedee depending on preferences!

Having only started learning Twine myself for my game the advise I would give you is to use the Sugarcube format for constructing your story. It is more customizable and has some built in functions, unlike the default format Harlowe. There are also plenty of resources avaiable online to help with the learning process, so Google is your friend!


Awesome thank you so would i juet search up twine sugarcube maker instead?

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No, in the twine client there is a “Twine” tab that when you click on it should give you an option called “Story Formats” click on that and then it will give you a list of all the available story coding formats available for twine. Just click the Sugarcube one and then select the “Use as Default Format” button to set it as the one you are using for your new stories.

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I would advise to write out a rough plan on paper for what you want your storyline(s) to be. And what you want your mechanics to be. Try making something short as well as it is a first time using twine, the longer you work on it and the more skills you pick up. You get to a point eventually where you are wanting / needing to rewrite a lot of your early stuff if it gets too big.


if you’re looking for preferences, mine can mostly be summed up as pretty much everything in The Curse Of Something and I personally am quite fond of fit to fat of the furry variety

In terms of raw code the non-bbw focused porn game creator g28 makes the best twine code for VNs imo.

I am trying to find the guide on the sugarcube code to add automatic hotkeys to all links, but I can’t find the forum it was on? maybe it was on a blog not a forum?

I did find some other tutorial style blogs that weren’t the ones I was looking for like Sample Code

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