Need laptop help (Found and ordered a laptop thx for helping me)

Haii yall im looking for a new laptop cause my old one is shit and i cant play any games at all really without lag so im asking yall who know something about laptops if u can help me find one these two links are to two websites there sell electronics in my country if u wanna help go to them and try to see if u find anyone there is good and can be used to bigger games with mods installed however if u can keep em cheap it would be appreciated (6000) is my budget thats 977 in us dollars ps. laptops in my country are named > Bærbar < just copy paste this part pps. i saw a few gameing computers below that price if u think those are better specs than the laptops u can also suggest thoseærbar&search=&searchResultTab=ærbar

thx for the help all who choose to try and help me i really appreciate it :smiley:

i really recommend getting a desktop, laptops cost more for the same end result


If u can find a good one there is under my budget or abit over im willing to listen but else i need a cheap option as i cant throw money left and right

well i got my current pc in december of 2019 and it runs great plus its a gaming pc, here’s the cheapest i could find for one that is pretty close to mine

its not for sale in my country

Like belliesowo said, it’s really necessary to have a laptop? Because a desktop cost less and is generally more durable for the a lower price.

I don’t know what is the life cost where you are, but for me a Desktop for gaming cost about 1000$ minimal and a laptop for gaming cost about 1500$ minimal.

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i send 2 links to the most popular stores here in denmark if u go there u can see the prices

I’d have to agree that unless you specifically NEED a laptop, a desktop is the better option. You definitely get more for your money, and they’re also way easier to upgrade in the future. My current PC (desktop) is about four years old and in that time, I’ve replaced/upgraded the power supply, GPU, CPU,memory and disk drives.

The Lenovo Legion 5 is the best value for gaming laptops right now, afaik, but it’s still a little out of your budget. You may be able to find one refurbished or used for cheap, or maybe you can wait for a sale.

im looking for payment options for it rn in the danish stores if i like the results i may order it rn

Fevrus my dad just told me about this website said he bought a used laptop to the shooting club he works in are u willing to find any good ones then say it to me he also said they go fast so if wanna help it would be appreciatedærm+størrelse-15%2C6"

Sorry I only saw one Legion for sale on that site and it was one of the more expensive versions.

Can’t you use Amazon? These are what I was referring to here and here.

I’d wait for more advice before you buy anything. Someone more knowledgeable may have better input.

no they dont deliver to my country mostly there was a pair of headphones i wanted they had em but didnt ship to my country but it dosent matter someone helpet me buy this one