Need some advice on a friendly acquaintances Weight Gain

So I’m in college, and last semester some new freshmen came in. I met most of them and even developed some friendships. One girl I met seemed nice, but I didn’t get to talk with them much so we were basically just friendly acquaintances. But this semester I’ve been seeing them around the campus a lot more, and I’m pretty sure they’ve gained weight (she was kind of wide before, but now her clothes seem a lot tighter and there’s a visible belly outline on most of her shirts). I find the weight gain to be quite attractive, but I worry that I’ve been unconsciously talking with them more because I find them more appealing now, which just doesn’t seem quite right. I’m not really sure what the right thing to do would be, because I actually do enjoy talking with her a s a friend. Sorry for this random post I just needed to clear my mind a bit.


This is going to come off as extremely jaded, but I think you really need to do a cost-benefit analysis when it come to this girl, any girl for that matter.

If you think it’s worth your time, and monetary investment (she’s a big girl, common sense indicates she eats a lot, putting aside other ‘girlfriend’ costs) then assert yourself and approach her. No woman ever found simpering and constant ‘are you comfortable with this’ questions appealing.

If not, admire her fat ass from afar and rub one out while picturing her naked.


Oh I’ve dated a BBW before and it was wonderful, but in this particular case it’s a “she’s nice but not enough chemistry for a relationship” situation, which in my school is common because the vast majority of students are girls. But it’s a strange friendship because the conversations are all normal, but it’s also like one of these weight-gain games come to life right before my eyes, so my mind is stuck between “this is kinda hot” and “This is weird”. That’s why I needed to just clear my mind in this forum lol

My advice? Don’t over think it. Enjoy this opportunity while you have it, because it could disappear at any time.


Fair point, especially because my college is a bit fitness crazy, so she may hop on board, which while great for her, would be a little sad for me. In this world you can never have too many BBW


Or SSBBW, for that matter. It’s always a sad day when a beautifully fat woman gets swept away by all of that health/weight loss nonsense. It’s mostly a load of bull anyway, preying on peoples insecurities and vanity. You could be the healthiest person on the planet and die in a car crash tomorrow! Life is far too unpredictable. So I say take everything you can from life, before life takes it all back at the end! No one knows when they’ll croak, so why worry about being healthy? No one who cares that much about how thin you are will even remember your name anyway.

I’m gonna say, I’m actually really fit and slim myself and I’m happy this way, I just like girls with some extra padding :slight_smile:

I figured as much, given the name.


You’re attracted to someone and you want to spend more time with them and this is wrong for some reason?
You are overthinking this.


Uh, when you put it like that, then yeah I guess I’m overthinking it lol. I guess I was worried that I was being a creep

You are allowed to have preferences when it comes to body types. You already were friendly with her before. If you care (platonically) about her regardless of weight then there is nothing creepy going on.

Also, a tip. Announcing that you like chunkier girls may get you teased, but isn’t viewed with particular creepiness. Saying that you want girls to gain weight likely will be viewed as creepy. These are generalizations, but I’d recommend letting her make the first move if you ever get to the point of wanting to share that you enjoy her weight gain with her.